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The “Oh No” Moment

That moment you realize you’ve bled through your underwear is the worst. While pads and tampons absorb your blood, your flow can sometimes take over and leave you racing for a bathroom to find some toilet paper before any of your other clothing gets ruined.

For some women, their periods and the amount they bleed is irregular and heavy, leaving countless pairs of underwear damaged. Luckily, ONDRwear can help with those annoying, uncomfortable leak-through moments. With a plant-based liner, uber-absorbent, no leak, and super-sleek design, ONDR has your back when you need it the most.

Birth Control is your Friend

Birth control is your friend when it comes to preventing blood leakage from a heavy period. Taking hormonal birth control can actually thin your uterine lining, which helps to reduce blood loss during your period and thus lightens your flow. Some women use birth control as a means to help ease heavy periods and even get rid of them

Pandia Health ensures that no matter where a woman lives, she does not have to stress about picking up her prescription – she can #SkipTheTrip to the pharmacy and have her contraception delivered for FREE! 

Pandia Health also wants women to know about the magical benefits of birth control beyond preventing unplanned pregnancy. Birth control can help relieve symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), lower the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, and allow you to safely skip your period.


Skipping your period can help alleviate the dreaded symptoms that come with it, including cramps, migraines, mood swings, and sanitary emergencies. Another plus is saving money on tampons and pads (which women should not have to buy in the first place!) and reducing the amount of waste that gets dumped into the landfill. There are also times when it is inconvenient for your period to show up like when you’re on vacation, swimming in the pool, grocery shopping, being a boss at work, enjoying a night out, or engaging in sexual activity.

Periods also can cause anemia due to  the loss of blood a woman experiences while menstruating. This is why making your #PeriodsOptional can be life-changing! One of the many perks Pandia Health has is providing you with as many packs of birth control as your insurance will allow (sometimes 3 months’ supply sometimes up to a year’s supply). Pandia Health takes the worry off of you and enables you to keep living your life without the stress of figuring out when and where you have to pick up your birth control.

Perimenopausal Bleeding

Periods can also be straight up annoying, especially when you are older and they start to become irregular as you hit perimenopause. Dr. Catherine Hansen, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist and a NAMS certified menopause practitioner, is one of Pandia Health’s doctors. Dr. Hansen wants perimenopausal women to know there are options to help their periods go away.

Dr. Hansen notes that irregular, random, or heavy bleeding are the top reasons women go to their gynecologist. “Menstrual bleeding can be a real burden… If you are over 40 and your periods are driving you crazy – you’re ready for a talk with your doctor,” Hansen said.

She recommends a low dose birth control pill for women who are nearing menopause. It can help with more than bleeding; it can treat: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, and vaginal dryness.

Other options that Dr. Hansen mentioned are methods such as cyclic bio-identical estrogen and progesterone and conventional menopausal hormone therapy. Or you could get an intrauterine device (IUD). This is a good option for people who prefer to not take oral medication every day.

Hansen says the IUD “…slowly releases progesterone (levonorgestrel) locally where it is needed, inside the uterus.  It can be inserted easily in the office and remain safely for up to 5 years and has the advantage of providing really effective birth control.”

The IUD allows women to “set it and forget it” so they can focus on more pressing tasks than worrying about taking a pill at a specific time every day, which our Co-founder/CEO Dr. Sophia Yen calls “pill anxiety.” The IUD relieves “pill anxiety” and period pain, too! 

“I am always amazed at how happy women are after they FINALLY resolve their period problems, having suffered for years and now finding themselves free of worry about flooding in their clothes. I have heard, multiple times, how women wish they had done something sooner so they could enjoy life to the fullest,” Dr. Catherine Hansen said.

Scheduling a telemedicine appointment with Pandia Health is a very straight-forward, smooth process. One of our doctors will review your information and your concerns to advise you on the best birth control options that suit your needs and lifestyle.

Periods are not the only problem, though. Perimenopausal women (women who are transitioning into menopause) may experience overactive bladder (OAB). OAB occurs due to a change in estrogen levels that is onset by menopause; it causes women to unintentionally pee a little. So, if you are perimenopausal but still want to practice your hip dance moves, consider investing in some incontinence underwear ? 

Leakfree Worries No More!

That’s where ONDR comes in handy. The bikini, thong, boy short, and high waisted brief have you covered for all of life’s activities and bleed-throughs. The idea that absorbent underwear feels bulky and uncomfortable while wearing it is a myth with ONDR products – they are designed with the wearer in mind and feel like regular underwear.

Save the environment, your wallet, and your mind with these washable, absorbent underwear products – you’ll never have  to toss another pair of underwear away again. 

ONDR and Pandia Health want you to feel like the SuperStar that you are. Period spotting and leaks should not limit you from living your life. So, go out and be confident, knowing ONDR and Pandia Health have your vagina covered – literally. 


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