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Providers love our free mail  delivery service:

Providers love our free mail delivery service:

  • Reduce last minute, frantic calls from patients for refills and renewals, avoiding interruptions of your evening and weekend plans.
  • Increase your patients’ medication adherence, because they will “never run out of birth control on Pandia Health’s watch.”
  • Decrease unplanned pregnancies and increase your number of happier, less-stressed patients

Because Pandia Health delivers as many months supply as insurance will allow of prescription birth control to patients reliably and on-time, your patients gain #PandiaPeaceOfMind, knowing their medication will get to their mailbox when needed.

How To Use Pandia Health's FREE Delivery, automatic refill, and annual reminder to see you services:

How To Use Pandia Health's FREE Delivery, automatic refill, and annual reminder to see you services:

  1. E-prescribe to Truepill Pharmacy in Hayward, CA or fax Rx to (844) 493-7071 or call Rx in at (650) 353-5495.
  • disp: 13 , 15, or 17 packs or disp 3 packs refill x 3 or 5
  • (Optional) SIG: ok to skip placebo

If CASH patient in California, e-prescribe to: Pandia Pharmacy, San Jose CA 95124

If Twirla patient, e-prescribe to: Sterling Specialty Pharmacy, Mendota Heights MN 55120

2. Tell your patients to sign up at (We need their consent and delivery information to process the prescription).

Referred By Your Doctor?

Referred By Your Doctor?

After your provider e-prescribes to our partner pharmacy, you must create an account/profile with Pandia Health. If you do not create an account, you will NOT receive your medications. Questions or concerns? Please e-mail or call 650-437-1213.

Rest Assured

  • Pandia Health is founded and led by a Doctor focused on women’s health. We treat all patient information with HIPAA standards.
  • We mail deliver as many months worth of medications as insurance will allow to your patient and keep the patient informed via a USPS tracking code.
  • We contact customers a week before they are due for a refill, to make sure they are at the same address and still want medications.
  • Our partner pharmacies carry ALL generic and name brands of prescription birth control. If we are unable to obtain a particular brand, we will notify you and your patient.
  • Our partner pharmacies bill insurance and most patients will receive their medications for "free" = (no copay/deductible).
  • We work with your office during business hours to obtain a prescription extensions or renewals to avoid frantic evening/weekend calls from patients who run out of birth control.