Xulane Birth Control Patch

Xulane Birth Control Patch

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Online prescription $50 (skip the Dr. office visit)

Online prescription $50 (skip the Dr. office visit)

Women's Health Expert Care

Women's Health Expert Care

What is Xulane Birth Control Patch?

Xulane is a combination birth control contraceptive patch (prescription birth control patch) with 35 mcg estrogen and 150mcg of progestin for women with a BMI less than 30 kg/m2. Read More

How to Use Xulane

A new patch is applied and worn for 7 days for 3 consecutive weeks (change to a new patch every 7 days). No patch is worn during Week 4 (your patch free week!), when you might likely will have withdrawal bleeding. Only wear 1 patch at a time on your upper outer arm, abdomen, buttock, or back in a place in a place where it won’t be rubbed by tight clothing.

Remember that Xulane and other hormonal birth control methods cannot be used to prevent HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases. In order to prevent STDs, always use back up birth control like condoms when having sexual intercourse.

Xulane Dosage

Xulane blends two hormones to make your body think you’re pregnant: 150 micrograms (mcg) of Norelgestromin (progestin) and 35 mcg of Ethinyl Estradiol, (estrogen).

Benefits of Xulane

  • Reduce the risk of ovarian cysts (as in polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS])
  • Improves acne.
  • It is lower maintenance than your typical birth control pill, only requiring a new patch weekly instead of daily.

Xulane Side Effects

The most common side effects of Xulane include: skin reactions at the patch site, nausea, headache, menstrual cramps and/or weight gain. Xulane is not recommended for women who are breast-feeding, as it may slow breast milk production.

The chances of serious side effects are rare. Like pregnancy, hormonal birth control may increase the risk of serious blood clots especially in women who have risk factors, such as smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, diabetes, obesity, a family history of blood clots or are older than 35 years old.
These may sound scary, but remember — those side effects are rare.

Xulane Warnings

Women with Body Mass Index greater than 30 may have a higher risk of blood clots

Do NOT take this medication if:

  • You currently have or have had any of these health problems: blood clots, blood clotting problem, breast cancer, uterine cancer, heart attack, stroke, heart disease, chest pain, high blood pressure, liver disease, liver tumor, migraine with aura, or diabetes with neuropathy or any diabetic complications
  • You are allergic to ethinyl estradiol or Norelgestromin
  • You are taking ombitasvir, paritaprevir, and ritonavir (with or without dasabuvir)
  • You are pregnant or may be pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed

Frequently Asked Questions


Clinical research shows that Xulane doesn’t cause weight gain. Some women experience changes in weight while using hormone-based birth control due to changes in appetite, food cravings, or mood. You can avoid this through things like regular exercise and a healthy diet.


Xulane Birth Control Patch should be put on your upper outer arm, abdomen, buttock, or back. Do not put the patch on your waistline or near clothing undergarment seams.  Do not put the patch on the breasts, on cut or irritated skin (rashes or other skin problems), or on the same location as the old patch.


One of the most important precautions you can take before using Xulane is to tell your doctor or one of our Patient Care Advisors about all recreational, over-the-counter, and prescription drugs you use—and even herbal supplements! This is because Xulane interacts with certain medications, including drugs used to treat hepatitis C or HIV. These drug interactions may make Xulane less effective at preventing pregnancy or make the other drugs less effective.

Xulane and other contraceptive hormonal birth control do not protect against sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HIV. If you use vaginal lubricants, make sure they are water-based.

Lastly, do not use Xulane if you’re pregnant, recently had a baby (within the past 4 weeks), or if you are breastfeeding.


Xulane should be available at most local pharmacies. You’ll just need a doctor’s prescription, which our team at Pandia Health is happy to provide! We partner with licensed physicians in a number of states and work with most major insurance carriers.

Compared to other types of birth control, Xulane is more expensive. Without insurance, Xulane patch can cost around $151 per month. However, depending on your insurance provider you could pay as little as $5 per month, or even $0!


It’s a myth that birth control rings like Xulane increase the risk of infertility. While it might take one or two cycles after stopping using Xulane patch for your fertility to be back to normal, using the patch won’t lead to long-term fertility problems. If and when you want to become pregnant, simply stop using Xulane patch.

Pandia Health CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Sophia Yen understand how important it is for women to be well-informed about their reproductive health. Learn more about infertility and birth control with Dr. Yen in this video.


Xulane is a good birth control option, especially if you don’t want to have the commitment of  taking a pill every day. With Xulane you only need to stick a patch every week. However it generally has more estrogen exposure than regular birth control pills and has a BMI limitation of No more than 30.


Xulane is a great birth control option as effective as the birth control pills. Birth control patches are 99% effective if PERFECTLY used (in a research study) and 91% effective in “regular use” (when real people use it and mess up every now and then).


Persons who smoke AND are over 35 Years old and above shouldn’t use Xulane. Also, persons with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or more. Check your BMI here.  Women with a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or more who use the patch birth control have a higher risk for developing side effects like blood clots compared to women with a BMI lower than 30 kg/m2  and the patch doesn’t work as well and those with a BMI or 30 or more.


Yes, Xulane patch can get wet in the shower or in the bath. Water shouldn’t affect its effectiveness. The patch was studied in saunas and on beaches

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