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5on Google,Jun 01, 2024


This company makes being a busy women easy! I have been using them for a year and having everything I need delivered is amazing! The customer support is fantastic as well. Just a wonderful experience in general.

5on Google,May 29, 2024


AMAZING SERVICE. Quick responses. They accept my insurance. Convenient $30 telehealth fee saves me from finding a new doctor when I move. Shipped right to my home w emergency contraception and sometimes stickers.

5on Google,May 22, 2024


Great company. Easy to get set up. Customer service is top notch. Highly recommended.

5on Google,May 21, 2024


Love Pandia! They're so sweet, knowledgeable, and answer all my questions. I never feel weird or awkward discussing my health with them, and it's an affordable out of pocket option. They send goodies and samples with all of their packages and have all kinds of options for your health. Thank you Belén, Bettina, Joy, Kaye, Karla, Merry, Arnie, Azul, Emily, and Doctor's Onufrak, Kadir, and Cumberbatch! Seriously, it's like having a concierge doctor's service from my home. Thank you all so much.

5on Google,May 19, 2024


Pandia Health Inc has been an awesome experience for me as I am going through a very difficult time in my life right now. Speaking with Karen, Micka & Isabela and all the other people on the online chat over the past few days has been wonderful as they each have been so kind, patient and understanding with me. The doctors on the Pandia Health Inc all been wonderful on communicating with me and helping me out with my situation. I highly recommend Pandia Health Inc and the services they offer. They are all loving, warm and understanding!

5on Google,May 18, 2024


Muy satisfecha con los dr de pandia health lo recomiendo 100% contestaron mis preguntas y preocupaciones casi al momento de yo escribirles. Muchas gracias

5on Google,May 14, 2024


No regrets on have this service. Very professional personal and friendly. Last member of the group how respond to me Arnie was very nice and comprehensive. Thanks to all.

5on Google,May 11, 2024


I’ve been getting my birth control from them for a bout a year now and they’re amazing. They always check up and always make sure to mail my birth control on time. They even add little things in the package like stickers and little candies. They’re so nice and it’s very easy to get in touch with someone if you ever need any help. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting on birth control.

5on Google,May 11, 2024


Convenient way to get birth control

5on Google,May 11, 2024


Second time using the service for BC and would recommend for everyone in a pinch who cant get into their local ob for some time. Filled out a medical questionnaire, they followed up with questions and I was able to get a prescription for BC within hours sent to my local pharmacy.

5on Google,May 09, 2024


Akhyrra and Micka were very friendly, patient, and helpful!

5on Google,May 09, 2024


Akhyrra Was extremely helpful thank you