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5on Google,Apr 12, 2024


My agent was Isabela, she was super straightforward and helpful, made it super easy and understanding.

5on Google,Apr 12, 2024


Azul was very helpful in processing my request for a refill. Quick and responsive!

5on Google,Apr 11, 2024


Very helpful when I didn’t see my prescription they made sure that I would still be able to pick one up before I ran out

5on Google,Apr 11, 2024

Nayelli Cruz

Karen support me really good! I love pandia.

5on Google,Apr 11, 2024


One year of excellent service and contraceptive received! Love this place, they worry and answer all your questions docs and full staff. Micka was extremely helpful when I recently had a delivery issue. She assisted me and went above and beyond. Would recommend Pandia to all the ladies out there!

5on Google,Apr 10, 2024


Ms. Joy has been a pleasure to work with, she provided me with the best resolution to my problem and was able to deescalate the situation. It’s a pleasure that they are understanding of the situation

5on Google,Apr 10, 2024


Azul was incredibly helpful in my questions as well as price checking my current established med I will be switching to the service for. Issue with my age not matching menopause age (I had a hysterectomy at 22) is working on being fixed. Responsive and helpful.

5on Google,Apr 08, 2024


Amazing and easy communication. Everything was taken care of and I received help/answers immediately.

5on Google,Apr 08, 2024


The service is excellent and fast to respond. Although there was an issue with my insurance, they were very accommodating and offered to send the prescription to a local pharmacy.

5on Google,Apr 07, 2024


Quiza was super helpful. Have been using Pandia health for over a year and love it.

4on Google,Apr 06, 2024


The website has not been the easiest to use. Customer service and responsiveness have been very good though! Kaye was helpful in answering my questions and updating my progress note for the prescribing physician.

5on Google,Apr 05, 2024


Good customer service, Kaye was so understanding and helpful.

3on Google,Apr 05, 2024


The first time I got my birth control from them, everything went smoothly. The second time it did not — I must not have set my account up properly, as I use my birth control to skip my period, and my account did not reflect that. Okay, I’ll take the blame for that, that was my fault. They had my prescription sent to my local pharmacy so I didn’t miss any days. I was very happy with this, but I was also wary of it happening again as I have had similar issues with other companies in the past.. so I made sure to keep records of the conversation we had. I also made sure to make them aware of my plan to continue skipping my periods with my birth control. Well, the time for another refill rolled around, and I didn’t get my birth control at the correct time — so I contacted their customer care team again and explained that I had already been through this with them. I was upset that my account hadn’t been properly updated/noted as it was meant to be. I was also upset that they were trying to charge me $30 for a rush refill, even though it was their fault things were not properly updated (I confirmed this was something they needed to have updated, not me). Ultimately, after much discussion, they waived the fee and stated they would have my prescription sent to my local pharmacy again so I didn’t miss any days. I am happy with this solution, and I’m hoping the prescription is processed soon enough so that I don’t end up missing days anyway. If everything goes smoothly with this refill and the next one goes smoothly, as intended, then I will come back and update my review to reflect this.

5on Google,Apr 05, 2024


Arnie was incredibly helpful in getting my account straightened out when I was stuck in a loop!