Every women deserves the right to reproductive health.

Pandia Health is committed to providing confidential, convenient, and affordable access to birth control for all women. The Pandia Health Birth Control Fund was created to provide financial assistance to women in need of access to birth control.

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Women need your help.

We partnered with the Center for Policy Analysis, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization tax ID No. 48-1282646, to create the Pandia Health Birth Control Fund to provide telemedicine consultations and birth control to women who cannot afford it otherwise.

1 in 10

Women are uninsured or have no insurance.

1 in 3

Women struggle with the cost of prescription birth control.

1 in 2

Young women have experienced a time they couldn’t consistently afford birth control.

Benefits of birth control.

Fewer missed days at work, school, and college.

Reduce acne and menstrual migraines

Diminish severity of period pain,excessive bleeding, and anemia.

Reduce number of abortions and unplanned pregnancies.

Decrease risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer.

Decrease landfill.

Help a woman today!

For each donation, Pandia Health will provide a Free telemedicine visit to get a prescription for birth control.

Level 1

Birth Control Besties


A whole year’s worth of pills ($20/month for 13-cycles).

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Level 2

Contraception Champions


Unconstrained giving (e.g. for education or Emergency Contraception).

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Level 3

Reproductive Rockstars


1 pack of birth control or a Telemedicine consultation to get a prescription.

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Every dollar counts.

Be part of our mission by helping a woman in need. Make your donation today! If you need help you can apply for financial aid here.

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