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Plan B Emergency Contraceptive Benefits

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How to Use

Simply take 1 pill within 5 days of having unprotected sex or birth control failure. However, it is recommended that you take emergency contraception pills ASAP because most methods do not work as well after ovulation occurs (this is when the egg pops out of the ovary). The sooner you take New Day, the better it will work.


Plan B has 1.5 milligrams of Levonorgestrel. This is a progesterone hormone used in lower doses in many birth control pills.

Side Effects

Some side effects reported by women who used Plan B are nausea, lower abdominal cramps, tiredness, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, vomiting, and a period that is ealy, latte, lighter or heavier.

Some women may experience changes in their period after taking Plan B. If your period is more than one week late, we recommend you to take a pregnancy test and follow up with your primary care provider since it’s possible you might be pregnant.


Do NOT take this if :

  • You are allergic to Levonorgestrel
  • You are pregnant (not because it would affect the embryo, but because it would be a waste of money.)
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Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that works preventing the release of an egg to be fertilized by a sperm.
If you have a BMI of 26 or more, Plan B and it’s generics do NOT work for you. Please, check your BMI BEFORE using Plan B and its generics. Our expert birth control doctors recommend Ella (ulipristal acetate, “prescription emergency contraception”) over Plan B and its generics because Ella works better at every time point, works for those with BMIs up to 35, and is “free” = no copay, no deductible if you have insurance in the USA.  Learn more about the difference between these medications here.

Do not use emergency contraception if you are already pregnant or think you might be pregnant. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test before taking Plan B. This medicine does NOT harm an embryo. It also does NOT cause birth defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plan B is pretty easy to get. It should be available at most grocery stores or pharmacies and you can get it without a prescription

Plan B and its generics are about 85% effective at preventing pregnancies. That means around 7 out of 8 people who take it as directed will not become pregnant. Taking it after 72 hours of unprotected sex also lowers its effectiveness.

Plan B price is about $64 but you can save money as well by choosing any other Plan B generic equivalent such as MyWay, Afterpill, Econtra EZ, React Levonorgestrel, Opcicon, Athentia Next, Fallback Solo, Next Choice One Dose, Levonorgestrel for $0 with insurance or as little as $21 per pack without insurance. Generics have the SAME active ingredients and dosage as the name brand. Watch our video explaining generics vs. brand birth control pills.

Plan B is a single pill that needs to be taken within 72 hours (3 days) of having unprotected sex. The sooner it is taken, the better the medication will work. 

You should take Plan B or any of its generics every time you had unprotected sex,  the birth control method you were using failed, or you forgot to take birth control. Examples are: 

  • The condom broke during sex four days ago
  • I forgot the last three days of birth control pills in a row and had sex today
  • I went to the bathroom after sex and my birth control ring fell out into the toilet, and I couldn’t get another for three days.
  • I just realized I forgot to get my Depo-Provera shot and had sex last night
  • I was forced to have unprotected sex 

You can take Plan B every time you have an oopsie. We don’t recommend using it on a regular basis since other birth control methods are more effective (IUD, Pill, Ring, Patch, Shot) and do not cause the side effects that Plan B do (spotting, nauseas). Using Plan B can also change your period cycle and if you use Plan B often, that will make it harder to keep track of when your period is due. Plan B should be used only for emergencies and not as a regular birth control. 

Plan B is an emergency contraception pill that you take ASAP within 5 days of contraceptive failure (forgot to use birth control, condom popped, missed 3 days of the pill/patch/ring in a row) or sexual assault. It should be used every single time you have a contraceptive accident and can be used many times in a row. Though it would be better to prevent unplanned pregnancies to go on “Plan A” = regular birth control such as the IUD, implant, shot, pill, patch, ring, condom with spermicide, etc. The hormone is technically in your body for 5 days but that does NOT mean that it is preventing pregnancy for the whole time. 

Common Plan B (levonorgestrel emergency contraception pill) side effects include headache, nausea, vomiting, irregular periods. Except for the irregular periods, these side effects usually do not last more than 24 hrs. The irregular periods can be early, late but should only affect the coming period. If your periods are irregular for longer than the next period, see your doctor.

Plan B (levonorgestrel emergency contraception pill) can cause your period to be late by 1-2 weeks maximum. Until you get your period or a negative pregnancy test 14 days after your “contraceptive accident” or unprotected sex, assume that you are pregnant. That means, if you plan to continue the pregnancy, do NOT drink, smoke, do drugs, etc.

Plan B (levonorgestrel emergency contraception pill) has not been proven to be effective in preventing pregnancy or implantation when ovulating. 

At Pandia Health, we recommend Ella (prescription emergency contraception) because it beats Plan B and its generics at EVERY time point and it works to a BMI of 35. Plan B and its generics start to not work so well at a BMI of 26 and Plan B and its generics do NOT work if your BMI is 30 or greater.

If you know you ovulated, then consider getting an IUD as emergency contraception (EC). Watch this video by our CEO/Co-Founder Dr. Sophia Yen to learn about EC.

Plan B (levonorgestrel emergency contraception pill) is intended within 72 hours after unprotected sex for maximum efficacy. However, the World Health Organization says you can use it up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. Dr. Sophia Yen, our CEO/Co-Founder, recommends that you take any emergency contraception pill ASAP. The longer you wait, the higher your risk of getting pregnant.

It really depends on when you ovulated. If you ovulated, then most likely Plan B and its generic emergency contraceptive pills won’t work. 

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