Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

How many people use a different type of birth control than the one they want to be using?

Unfortunately, many women are using methods that are not very effective or methods that don’t work well with their bodies just because they lack resources. 36% of women, as reported by a study published in the Women’s Health Journal, are using an non-preferred version of birth control. Women that are uneducated or are of low socioeconomic status report the highest rates of using a non-preferred birth control method.

Hormonal birth control (ex: the pill, patch or ring) was the most preferable method of birth control. 65% of women report it as both the method they are using and as their preferred method. This means that hormonal birth control is one of the most used and the most preferred methods.

The common dissatisfaction among women is mainly attributed to affordability, with 41% of women reporting that cost and insurance act as barriers to using their preferred method. Dissatisfaction often comes from women using a less effective method in exchange for low prices.

You should not have to sacrifice effectiveness for affordability.

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