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Tips on Staying Healthy & Safe in College by Addie #PandiaBack2School

Woo-hoo!!!!! School is coming to a start. While many students dread back-to-school season, it is also a very exciting time for new experiences, especially if you are about to start college! Here are tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and safe while in college. Before we get into the blog post, if you wanna sign up & get your FREE delivery of birth control, get started today!

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1. Eat Well

Many people have heard of the dreaded “freshman 15,” making incoming freshman scared about the weight they may supposedly put on. There are many factors that contribute to the likeliness that freshman will gain weight when they enter college, such as late night snacking, all-you-can eat dining halls, and no parents nagging you to eat your veggies.

While it is ok to indulge in food that isn’t necessarily the best for you, it is important to make sure you are fueling your body with the right things. One tip is to stock your dorm with healthy snacks so that you will be less likely to be late-night snacking on unhealthy foods.

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2. Stay Active

When I was in high school, I didn’t play any sports, so I was not very active. It was not until I started going to fitness classes at my school’s gym did I discover the world of exercise. Many schools offer fitness classes, so a great way to start being active is to check out what your schools offer and take advantage of those.

The first fitness class I started going to was Zumba. Something about moving rhythmically to the beat of the music sounded so fun, so I asked some friends if they would be interested in coming. We immediately fell in love with it, and started going twice a week together. Working out with friends was a great was to stay motivated and keep each other accountable to stay active.

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3. Check in With Your Emotional Wellness!

In order to achieve a happy college experience, it’s crucial to take a step back and focus on yourself and your mental state. College is stressful and takes a toll on every student’s body and mind differently. As much as everyone wants to pass their classes, it’s essential for every student to take the time to self reflect and get to know themselves better. Self reflection is a key element to self improvement and understanding ourselves better. Everyone has problems, that’s a known fact, but what everyone doesn’t know is what those certain problems are and how they can affect their own wellbeing.

If you are feeling like your mental health is taking a toll, reach out. Most schools have a health and counseling center that students can use to make appointments to talk to counselors. Campuses offer a variety of confidential and nonconfidential sources that you can go to.

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4. If you are having any type of sex (even oral sex), stay safe. 

The hookup culture in college can be so real. If you engage in any type of sex – including oral sex- make it a priority to stay safe. STIs or “Sexually Transmitted Infections, also known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)” are transmitted more frequently in the age group of 25 and younger. In fact, STI Statistics and Young People states that “1 in 4 new STI cases occur in teenagers”. This makes it especially important for young people to be aware of their partners medical history in order to minimize the chances of spreading the STI. The CDC also states that youth ages 15-24 account for half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted infections that occur in the United States each year!

Because many STIs show no signs or symptoms, the only real way to know your status is to get tested. Although professionals suggest getting tested AT LEAST once every year, it is important to get tested every time you change your partner or engage in any type of sex with someone new.

Sex is complicated but your sexual health doesn’t have to be. binx is here to help you stay healthy with quick and convenient solutions that let you keep up with your busy schedules. Their medically-guided quizzes determine which STI test is best for you, and they will send you kits to collect samples from. Get convenient at-home STI tests here. They have a short medically guided quiz that helps chose the right STI tests for you. Order your test online and they will send it discreetly right to your home!

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5. Use birth control to protect yourself & alleviate PMS pains. 

For those who are sexually active, it is important to protect yourself against any unplanned pregnancies = no dropping out of college ! There are many different forms of birth control such as the IUD, birth control pill, patch, ring and implant. Although the IUD is the most effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies with a 99% prevention rate , if you are in a time crunch because of school or extracurriculars and don’t have time to go to the clinic or pharmacy to pick up your birth control, Pandia Health can deliver your birth control pill, patch, or ring to your mailbox (or dorm). This way you can use your time and energy on more important things!

Birth control can also alleviate your PMS pains! By safely skipping your period using birth control, you don’t have to feel the consequences associated with menstruation! Learn more about skipping your period safely

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