You’ve seen the doctor and have the prescription in hand, but you don’t have insurance and are worried about the out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, this is a far-too-common scenario in the United States. Between this and the US Supreme Court ruling that made it possible for religious employers to refuse to cover birth control pills means even if you have insurance, you may not be able to take advantage of the  “free birth control” promised by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This doesn’t mean that you are without options! Luckily you can access birth control online with the experts at Pandia Health! Pandia Health offers a wide selection of birth control pills starting at $7/month without insurance!

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How to Get Free Birth Control Without Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance or your plan doesn’t cover birth control, there are still ways to get birth control for free.
Birth control is sometimes affordable or even free through government programs; for example, Title X Family Planning clinics are paid for by the government. Your local Planned Parenthood clinic may also provide services at a reduced cost. In addition, Pandia Health has the Pandia Health Birth Control Fund, where you can apply for funding to get a prescription for your birth control pills or birth control medication for free.

However you need a birth control prescription (an order written by a doctor/NP/PA/pharmacist) to get hormonal birth control in the U.S.! The type of birth control pill, patch, ring that you are prescribed will be based on your medical history (what has worked in the past, if you have acne, etc) and your needs.

How Much is Birth Control Without Insurance?

Even without health insurance, many birth control pills are quite affordable! For most generic brands, one pill pack lasts for 28 days, and each pack can cost anywhere from $7-$21. For name brands, it can be like $212. Know that 95% of birth control pills are generic for example: Gianvi, Norgestimate-Ethinyl Estradiol, Estarylla.

Reach out to the experts at Pandia Health if you’re unsure about what birth control pill or method is best for you.

With Pandia Health, you can get affordable birth control online delivered to your door for as low as $7/pack*!

Generic vs Brand Name Birth Control! What’s the Difference? – YouTube

The Cost of Birth Control by Type

Birth control methods fall into five main categories. Each category and method has different effectiveness rates so it’s essential to know which birth control options work best for you! Here are some birth control options available to you.

Birth Control Type What is it and how does it work? Average Cost Is a Doctor’s Visit Required?
Birth Control Pills The combination pill has estrogen and progestin hormones and is 93% effective at preventing pregnancy. The pill works by blocking sperm from fertilizing an egg, keeping the lining of the uterus thin, blocking an egg from popping out each month. Take one pill every day, at the same time each day. With insurance, many birth control pills can be $0 per pack. Without insurance, birth control pills can cost between $7-$200 for each pack or an annual cost of $240 to $2400! Yes, to get a prescription (an order from a doctor/NP/PA to get the medication is required in the US).
Birth Control Patch The birth control patch contains the same hormones as the combination pill and vaginal ring: progestin and estrogen, and is just as effective (possibly more effective because you only have to remember once a week)  at preventing pregnancy as the birth control pill. Stick a new patch to clean dry skin once a week. And the 4th week you can go without a patch (then you will have a withdrawal bleed) One pack of patches can cost anywhere from $0-$150. Twirla is an affordable patch option if you are paying out of pocket ($50/pack)! But the patch is totally free with most insurance plans. Yes, to get a prescription(an order from a doctor/NP/PA to get the medication is required in the US).
Barrier Methods (condoms, diaphragms, and spermicidal sponges[discontinued]) Barrier methods are less effective than hormonal options (only 72-88% effective at preventing pregnancy!) and work by establishing a physical barrier between the egg and the sperm. Only condoms have the added benefit of being effective at preventing STIs! On average, condoms cost about $1 each. However, the price can vary depending on the brand, if they are special (glow in the dark, flavored, “delay ejaculation”, etc)  and how many are in  the pack. Nope! You can buy condoms and if you can find them, spermicidal sponges over the counter!
Emergency Contraceptives (i.e. Plan B) The “morning-after pill” can actually be used for up to 5 days after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. However, Pandia Health’s experts recommend that you take emergency contraceptive pills ASAP because these pills do not work as well after ovulation (when the egg comes out).
These pills are recommended for emergency uses and not as a substitute for regular birth control because they do not work as well and have a higher failure rate. They prevent pregnancy like 75% of the time vs. 93% with long-term birth control e.g. the birth control pill.  They generally do NOT work after ovulation.
Plan-B One Step (the brand name) costs about $40-50 for one pill. However,  generic versions are available for as low as $13-45.

Ella costs about $40-$50 as well. Ella works for people who have BMIs up to 35. If you have a BMI of 26 or more, Plan B and its generics do NOT work so well.
No, you just need to visit a pharmacy or order online from Pandia Health

For Ella, you need a doctor/NP/PA to write the  prescription  (the order to get the medication in the US).
Implant (nexplanon) Implants prevent an embryo from ever forming 30% of the time by blocking ovulation. Hormonal IUDs  by releasing progestin (like other hormonal birth control), which keeps the uterus lining thin so it can’t support a pregnancy. Getting an implant costs anywhere between $0 to $1,300 or more for the hospital/doctor fees and the device. Yes you need a doctor/PA/NP to put in the device.
Intrauterine Device (IUD) The IUD is a T-shaped, flexible device placed into your  uterus. There are hormonal IUDs and copper IUDs. Hormonal IUDs prevent an embryo from ever forming 30% of the time by blocking ovulation. Hormonal IUDs  release progestin (like other hormonal birth control), which keeps the uterus lining thin so it can’t support a pregnancy. Copper IUDs are a non-hormonal option that causes an inflammatory reaction that kills the sperm and egg. Getting an IUD costs between $0 to $1,300 or more for the hospital/doctor fees and the device. Yes, to get the IUD inserted.

Still curious about which method is right for you? This video will walk you through 3 different birth control options that you can get from Pandia Health. If you want the IUD, implant, or shot, it’s best to see a doctor in person.

How Much is Birth Control With Insurance?

The good news is getting the pill, patch, ring is easy online with Pandia Health, but you need a prescription. For most brands of birth control pills, one pill pack lasts for 28 days. Under the ACA, your health insurance will likely cover the cost of an in-person doctor’s appointment to get a prescription for the pill. Pandia Health only charges $30 ONCE a year to use our expert birth control doctors if you do not have a prescription. This appointment with a medical provider can also help determine the appropriate birth control method for you.

Your insurance provider will also likely cover the cost of the pill! If they don’t, contact and they can help you explain to your insurance that under the ACA it should be covered (unless your employer is religious and decided not to cover it).

How to Get Birth Control?


To access prescription birth control (basically everything except condoms!), you will need a prescription from a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. In some states, you can get a prescription directly from a pharmacist but they generally charge extra for this service.


While it’s not available in every state, you can have a provider prescribe birth control to you online through telehealth.

With Pandia Health, all you need to do is fill out the online health information form, our expert birth control doctors will review it and determine the best birth control for you. Once your prescription is approved you will have your birth control conveniently mailed to your door with FREE delivery and with a free goody (like Hi-chews, chocolate, sticker, etc) in each mailer!

One of the many telehealth birth control benefits is getting a prescription and birth control customized to you and on your schedule. Traveling to a doctor’s office or pharmacy is unnecessary, saving you time and money.

Think telehealth birth control might be right for you? It’s easy to order your birth control online with Pandia Health!


When you’re ready to start exploring the benefits of taking the birth control pill, Pandia Health is here to help. We pride ourselves on prescribing birth control based on the “Pandia Health algorithm,” which considers several factors, including age, race (as a proxy for genetics), BMI, and personal medical history, which can all influence your body’s reaction to birth control.

Pandia Health is here to offer you telehealth birth control options that work with your insurance and have affordable prices for those paying cash. On top of the added benefits of prescription birth control, you can experience the benefits of getting your birth control online (skip the trip to the doctor’s office) and delivered to your door with free delivery (plus free goodies!) through our telehealth services!

With just one $30 payment a year, you get access to our expert doctors (available in these states) for 364 days! So, sign up today to change your birth control or get started on the best birth control pill for you.