More women are discovering the benefits of virtual healthcare every day. And it’s no wonder because it’s easy, convenient, and affordable. A 2020 survey found that 62% of consumers prefer online health care to in-person doctor’s visits.

Women, in particular, have embraced the change and would rather get birth control online over in-person visits to health centers. While everyone has a reason for their decision, most of these positive views stem from the numerous telehealth birth control benefits that make it easy to get the pill (or the patch, or the ring) when you need it. 

A young woman consults with her doctor during a telehealth birth control visit

1. Access to Birth Control Wherever you Have Internet and a Mailbox

19.5 million women in the US live in places with no access to the reproductive health care services they need. Pandia Health is here to change all of that.  

You can get an asynchronous telemedicine visit with an expert birth control doctor wherever you have internet. If you have to travel a long distance to visit a doctor or pick up prescriptions at a pharmacy, Pandia Health gets rid of that travel and time wasted for you. Pandia Health makes it easy and convenient. With free delivery right to your mailbox, it couldn’t be more simple to get your birth control. But we don’t just make it easy, we’re here to help you get the right birth control method for you, whether that’s the pill, the patch, or the ring. 

2. No Need to Travel to a Doctor’s Office

One of the top telehealth birth control benefits is the availability and flexibility of Pandia Health’s services. We offer a more accessible and affordable alternative when in-person visits are difficult, inconvenient, or impossible because of distance, scheduling, etc.

Virtual reproductive health care makes it easy for working women, moms, and students to access the services without compromising their schedules. With asynchronous telemedicine such as what we have at Pandia Health, you can fill out the health questionnaire 24/7.

Long-distance is no longer a problem. Also, virtual reproductive care comes with home delivery to ensure you have your birth control pills, birth control patches, or birth control rings when you need them. At Pandia Health, we provide FREE delivery, automatic refills, and annual reminders to see your prescriber before the prescription runs out.

No matter what makes getting to doctor’s visits hard for you, telehealth birth control brings the service to your door. You can get information plus tips for starting birth control and receive your pills anytime.

3. You can get Telehealth Reproductive Care During Evenings and Weekends.

Accessing health care services is a common strain among patients across the United States. According to a Patient Engagement HIT article, patient care is out of reach for many people. The time you dedicate to traveling to and from doctors’ appointments isn’t the only hassle you’ll face.

Appointment availability is another challenge that women often deal with. Even after setting a date with your doctor, some women also struggle with finding a way to get to their health center. 

A Commonwealth Fund survey found that around 50% of adults in the US have a problem receiving services during weekends and evenings unless they go to an emergency department. At Pandia Health, we have extended weekday hours and are open on the weekend, so you can reach out with any questions or concerns you have about your prescription via email, chat, text or phone whenever you need.

One of the significant telehealth birth control benefits is that you receive the services from the comfort of your home, office, wherever you have internet. 

4. Telehealth Services Save You Time

Patients spend up to 45 minutes on the road going to and waiting to see their doctors during an appointment. Also, consultations can go on for as long as 75 minutes. Add this to the time you’ll use to travel back home, the struggle of setting an appointment with a doctor, and the amount of wait time at their office.

With telehealth birth control, you only need to sign up and begin your services immediately. At Pandia Health, our team of helpful Patient Care Assistants are here to answer your questions. 

They will ensure that you receive the information and services you need as quickly as possible. Check our FAQ page to answer your questions about telehealth birth control.

5. Birth Control Via Telehealth Saves You Money

If you’re like many other women, the pandemic changed the way you live your life. Women discovered alternatives to going to the doctor in person for things like birth control prescriptions. Taking care of your business online is far more affordable and convenient. Telehealth family planning services give you the power to take charge of your sexual and reproductive health in a way that works with your individual circumstances.

Another great benefit is that Pandia Health’s virtual birth control service cost is lower than seeing a doctor in person, even without insurance. It’s only $20 once a year to use Pandia Health’s expert birth control Doctors. You also get unlimited follow-up questions about your birth control. Prescription birth control comes for “free” = no co-pay, no deductible if you have insurance. No insurance? No problem. You can seek help from Title X federal clinics to check your eligibility for FREE or sliding-scale government-supported birth control.

Even if you don’t have health insurance, Pandia Health’s birth control options start at a very affordable  $7.00 per pack of birth control pills. 

6. Expert Care from the Comfort of Your Home

Telehealth birth control can bring expert care to you wherever you have internet. With Pandia Health, you can get an MIT, UC San Francisco (one of the top medical schools in the world) graduate, Stanford Medical School clinical associate professor, and more without having to travel.

Pandia Health only uses doctors who have at least a decade of experience if not more and most are affiliated with academic institutions, meaning they teach other doctors how to treat patients.

Benefits of Telehealth Birth Control: Final Word

The benefits of telehealth birth control include the issues of cost, time, and access. Pandia Health’s remote healthcare services offer you a quality and flexible way to take charge of your sexual and reproductive health from the comfort of your couch.

But, not everyone is a perfect candidate for telehealth birth control services. For instance, you need an office visit and screening tests if you have conditions like breast cancer or a history of stroke. You will need a doctor’s office visit if you prefer long-term options like an implant or intrauterine device (IUD).

Pandia Health Can Help You

Telehealth birth control is an excellent way to take charge of your reproductive and sexual health. The first step is to seek help from a company that understands your needs and has expert doctors to get you the best care with the least, if any, side effects.

Pandia Health is the only women-led and women-founded, the only doctor-led telehealth birth control delivery company. We prioritize your health and safety over profit. We’re here to make your life better. Get started today!


What are the benefits of birth control?

Birth control offers a safe, effective, and convenient way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies. Birth control pills come with additional benefits, including acne reduction, decreasing menstrual cramps, and making your flow lighter and more regular. Also, the birth control pill can decrease the risks of ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, and infections in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus can be used to treat anemia, PCOS, endometriosis, heavy periods, and more.

How long does birth control take be effective?

Pandia Health’s expert birth control doctors suggest you use a backup pregnancy control method (like condoms) for one week from the day you start using the birth control pill, patch, ring (especially if you were not on your period when you started the birth control method). That gives the birth control pill, patch, or ring enough time to take effect and get its full effectiveness. However, if you start your birth control pill, patch, ring on your period, your birth control becomes effective within 24 hrs.

How much is birth control?

The amount birth control costs depends on many factors, most of important of which is your preferred method. Birth control pills, for instance, can cost anything from $0 to $200 monthly. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you can get “Any FDA approved birth control method for women” for free if you're using health insurance or on government programs. But, you may have to pay $30 to $50 a package if you're covering the cost out of pocket. The patch can cost from $50 to $219 per 3 patches (1 month supply). The 1 month vaginal ring can cost from $50-$180.

What happens if I take birth control while pregnant?

Some people with uteri have unknowingly continued your birth control while pregnant. Fortunately, there are no reported dangers the pill, patch, ring, implant, shot can cause you or your future baby. The hormones in the birth control pill, patch, or ring, implant doesn't cause stillbirth nor miscarriage.

How long does it take to clear birth control in your system?

Most people get the medication out of their system within the 3rd to 7th day after stopping the birth control pill, patch, or ring or taking out the IUD, implant. However, if you are on the birth control injection, your periods may take a few months to resume and be normal. You could get pregnant within 2 weeks of stopping on birth control combination pills (those containing progestin and estrogen), patch, ring, IUD, implant.

What happens if you miss a day of birth control?

It's recommended that you take your pills at a similar time daily. But, if you miss the hour, you should take the medication as soon as you remember. If you missed yesterday’s pill, take 2 tablets today (to cover the missed day and today). The same case applies to missing 2 days. Take 2 tablets on day three (the day you realized you missed the 2 previous days) and take 2 tablets on day four (the day after you realized you missed 2 days) to compensate for the missed pills. However, skipping/missing taking your birth control pills (or wearing your birth control patch, birth control ring) for 3 consecutive days increases your risk of pregnancy. If you miss 3 days of birth control in a row, protect yourself by using emergency contraception and “act as if you were pregnant” until you know you are or are not pregnant. “Act as if you were pregnant” means don’t drink, don’t do drugs unless you would choose to terminate your pregnancy.

How late can a period be on birth control?

Birth control pills introduce different hormones in your body, and everyone reacts to them differently. However, many people with uteri use the birth control pill, patch, or ring to regulate their periods. The bleed you get is not a “real period” but a withdrawal bleed, which happens because you go on sugar pills/placebo/bleeding pills for the last week or you don’t use the patch/ring for the 4th week. If you use the pills, patch, ring, generally they cause a withdrawal bleed every month. However 10% of women on certain pills don’t get any bleed because the hormonal level is so low. And you can choose to make #PeriodsOptional = don’t have any withdrawal bleeds because how often you have a withdrawal bleed is arbitrary and you can choose how often. See our CEO/Founder Dr. Sophia Yen’s TEDX talk on the bottom of this page for info on the science/safety of #NoPeriods #FewerPeriods.