Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team


I love sex.

Now imagine starting off the “sex talk” with those three words.

I totally traumatized my daughter. She got me back, she told all of her friends.

Fast-forward a number of years, and now I have a daughter who can talk to me about anything. She asks my advice on relationships, sex, sex toys, as well as sharing her own advice. I love the relationship that we have, even though it started with that awkward phrase, “I love sex”.

Why did I do that?

I had some issues with my love of sex. Nice girls don’t. They don’t f—. They don’t masturbate. They don’t orgasm. They don’t squirt. They don’t read dirty books. They don’t watch porn. And heaven forbid they enjoy it.

I was tired of my guilt, and I didn’t want to pass that on. So I jumped into the deep end and ended up with a really awkward conversation that led me to a fabulous relationship.

What better time to talk about pleasure than International Masturbation Month.

The pleasure we deserve just because we want it. So I challenge you to let go of your own guilt, to embrace pleasure just for pleasure itself, and to dive right into the deep end. I plan on talking about all the wonderful toys that are available to help us on our journey of self-pleasure and pleasure with the fun help of others, but first I wanted to share a little of my own journey. I am not a doctor, I am not a certified sex therapist, just a woman with lots and lots of life experience.

Let’s start this conversation, and let me know your own thoughts and experiences.

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