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Saving Money Hacks for Back to School by Carmiya

Saving Money Hacks for Back to School, Part 2! #PandiaBack2School  It’s Back to School season already! Your room may be cluttered with notebooks, pens, and calculators rather than Christmas lights, Halloween pumpkins, and New Year’s streamers but that doesn’t mean this “holiday” is any less important! Whether this is the first time you’ll be far […]

What’s in My BackPack by Addie

What’s In My Backpack? By Addie #PandiaBack2School It’s so crazy to think that for those you on the semester system, school will be starting up again at the end of August. This summer went by so quickly with the end of summer coming up so soon already😱 Luckily, just because summer is coming to an […]

How to Change your Pandia Health Delivery Address Before Going Back to School?

How to Change Your Pandia Health Delivery Address Before Going Back to School #PandiaBack2School Many incoming college freshman are leaving their hometowns and moving into their dorms as the school year begins. This is a new and exciting process that you want to go as seamlessly as possible. Some bumps on the road are bound […]

5 Things You Need In College by Addie

#PandiaBack2School: 5 College Essentials Back to school season is just around the corner, and that means making sure you have a list of everything you need before you leave! For those of you starting college, whether it be leaving your hometown or in your community, it is important to have everything you need even BEFORE […]

Tips on Staying Healthy & Safe in College!

Tips on Staying Healthy & Safe in College by Addie #PandiaBack2School  Woo-hoo!!!!! School is coming to a start. While many students dread back-to-school season, it is also a very exciting time for new experiences, especially if you are about to start college! Here are tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and safe while […]

LifeHack: Avoid Acne on Picture Day Using Birth Control!

#PandiaHealthBack2School Birth Control, Sexual Health, & Wellness Tips LifeHack: Avoid Acne on Picture Day Using Birth Control It’s everyone’s favorite day of the school year! (Or worst nightmare depending on how you feel about being photographed) PICTURE DAY!!! YASSSS get those angles! WERK that lighting! DO NOT STOP acting like it’s your personal photoshoot because […]

Hate Your Period? Here’s How You Can Safely Skip Your Periods.

Dr. Sophia Yen talks about how to stop your period when on the birth control pill, patch, or ring. But first, sign up for Pandia Health’s FREE delivery and automatic refills of your birth control! Get Started! “The inventor of the birth control pill, Dr John Rock, wanted women to have a  period every single month […]

Positive Sex Talk

“I LOVE SEX” I love sex. Now imagine starting off the “sex talk” with those three words. I totally traumatized my daughter. She got me back, she told all of her friends. Fast-forward a number of years, and now I have a daughter who can talk to me about anything. She asks my advice on […]

The San Francisco Chronicle Business & Tech Feature

Share Pandia Health’s Birth Control Delivery Services & Help Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies.  Today Pandia Health was featured in San Francisco Chronicle’s Biz&Tech section. To read more about how Dr. Sophia challenges states that have restricted abortion rights check out our feature in The SF Chronicle.  Pandia Health is the ONLY women founded/led and physician founded/led […]

The Truth About Birth Control and Acne.

Get Started! In this blogpost, Dr. Sophia Yen answers the question, “does the birth control pill help or hurt acne development?” The answer is that, in general, the birth control pill makes your acne better. The reason is that acne comes from an imbalance of the female hormone (estrogen) and the male hormone (progesterone).  Sometimes […]