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Equivalent Generic Brands: Portia, Chateal, Marlissa, Kurvelo, Altavera

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What is Levora Birth Control Pills?

Levora is a combination oral contraceptive pill (OCP, birth control medication, birth control pills). It prevents pregnancy by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation), and thickening the cervical mucus, blocking sperm from getting into the uterus and getting to the egg. Levora is also prescribed to: treat acne, reduce the risk of ovarian cysts (as in polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS]), treat painful or heavy periods, and more. Read More

How to Use Levora

It’s super easy to use. Simply take one pill every day, at the same time each day. Many women find that taking Levora before bedtime or just after their evening meal helps reduce nausea and other side effects.

After taking 21 days of white active pills, you’ll switch to seven peach-colored ones. These are inactive pills with no hormones that are there to get you in the habit of taking your pill every day.

Levora Dosage

Levora uses a blend of two hormones, estrogen(Ethinyl Estradiol, 30 mcg), and progesterone (Levonorgestrel, 150 mcg).

Benefits of Levora

Levora Side Effects

The risks are very low, but some women have experienced unwanted side effects when taking Levora. Minor ones include breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, swollen feet or ankles, and slightly elevated blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Positive side effects are also a possibility, too — reduced acne, fewer mood swings, and other perks are fairly common.

The chances of serious side effects are extremely unlikely, but some cases have been documented such as blood clotting, shortness of breath, migraines, vision problems, slurred speech, confusion, and fainting. Those who wear contacts or are nearsighted may notice vision problems as well.

These may sound scary, but remember — they’re very rare.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Levora is as effective as any other birth control pill. Because of the fewer days on placebo (4 vs 7), it has a lower risk of breakthrough ovulation. Birth control pills are 99.7% effective if PERFECTLY used (in a research study) and 93% effective in “regular use” (when real people use it and mess up every now and then).


If you choose to pay out-of-pocket, Levora is pretty affordable because it’s a generic brand.  Levora pills are $15/pack (3 pack minimum) or $20/pack for 1 pack to cover shipping, handling, and overhead. You can also save money by choosing one of several other Levora generics, such as Chateal, Marlissa, Altavera, Portia, Lillow, Kurvelo or Ayuna. Generics have the SAME active ingredients and dosage as the name brand. Watch our video explaining generics vs. brand birth control pills.


Yes, Levora is a combination pill that has estrogen and progesterone as active ingredients.

Estrogen containing birth control like Levora may not be right for you, depending on your medical history. Tell your doctor if you have a history of health problems like epilepsy, cancer, heart disease, blood clots, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or high blood pressure.


This depends on your definition of low dose. In the old days, pills had 110mcg of estrogen and then 50 mcg. So, when research says low dose, they mean anything under 50 mcg of estrogen. When we say low dose at Pandia Health we mean anything less than 30 mcg of estrogen which is NOT good for your bones if you are under the age of 30 years old. We recommend that you use at least 30mcg if you are under 30 years old.


Levora birth control should not cause acne. In fact, it can improve your acne. Levora birth control pill can help to clear up your skin, especially if you skip your period with it.

Is important to know that pretty much every kind of prescription birth control comes with a tiny risk of allergies, including Levora. The symptoms are usually mild and include rashes, itching, dizziness. If you experience trouble breathing or swollen lips, throat, or tongue, call 911.

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