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Let’s Talk About Sexual Health

What is Sexual Health? Sexual health covers a plethora of topics that are so important to all genders today. From avoiding disease to planning or unplanned pregnancy to mental wellness in regards to sexual activity…So many important items fall under the umbrella term. So when the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) launched World Sexual […]

Birth Control in the News

FDA Approves Contraceptive Vaginal Ring That Can Be Used for a Year On Friday, August 10, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first-ever contraceptive vaginal ring that can be used for up to a full year, BuzzFeed News reports. The product, called Annovera, was developed by the non-profit organization Population Council, which […]

Birth Control and Health Insurance Options for International Students

Students studying abroad in the U.S. gain levels of independence, which may not be available in their home countries.  Along with the newfound independence, comes decisions regarding their healthcare choices and preventing pregnancy, if choosing to be sexually active. International students often have many questions about contraception, its availability, and cost. The U.S. has minimum […]

Birth Control Facts by State

All 18 FDA-approved contraceptives are available in all 50 U.S. states.  Federal funding for public distribution of birth control varies by state: 26 states have enacted supplemental mandates and policies for increasing the availability of FDA-approved contraception.  Title X funding involves allocations on the federal, state, and local levels for family planning services. Despite widespread […]

What You Need to Know About Birth Control

Birth control was designed for women to prevent pregnancy, but there are many other uses that include regulating menstruation (your periods), balancing hormone levels, treating acne, and more. There are many different methods of birth control and the most commonly used of these is the birth control pill. Birth control pills are safe, successful, and […]