Hormonal birth control can definitely help you make #PeriodsOptional.With the implant or hormonal IUD, about 30% of women will have no monthly bleeds and the other 70% will have lighter bleeds. On the shot, 70% of women will have no bleeds by the 3rd shot. If you use the pill and skip the bleeding week (aka the placebo pills), 80% have no bleeding by 13 months.

I like the pill because there are 40 different types, so if one doesn’t work for you, know that there are others to try. We should be able to find one that works for you so that you have no bleeds, or at least, fewer bleeds, and no side effects, or at least fewer side effects. At Pandia Health , we have come up with an algorithm that results in fewer side effects, if any, based on your age, BMI, race as a proxy for genetics, and your past medical history/family history.

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