Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

It’s a sunny summer day in the Feminist Majority Foundation office in Beverly Hills. A group of interns gathers around the table in the conference room. A woman wearing a blue Pandia Health t-shirt begins setting up a presentation and laying out swag items on the back counter. Once everyone is settled into their seats, the woman walks to the front of the room and introduces herself.

The day Dr. Sophia Yen blew my mind

Gif mind blown

“Hi, my name is Dr. Sophia Yen and I am the CEO of Pandia Health.”

For the next hour, Dr. Sophia blew my mind with facts about women’s health and bodies I had never considered. Like the fact that it’s totally safe and normal (and actually better) to skip your period!

Yeah, women nowadays are having way more periods than centuries ago, which isn’t great for the uterine lining. And to any Nervous Nellys out there: no, “turning off” your period won’t affect your fertility at all!

I immediately knew I wanted – and needed- to become more knowledgeable on topics regarding women’s health and reproductive rights. As if she was reading my mind, Dr. Sophia mentioned the Campus Rep Program. Students can stay involved with Pandia by marketing the company and spreading knowledge on women’s health on their own college campuses.

Motivated by progressing women’s health issues

A few days later, I spoke on the phone with Angela Tolentino, the Pandia Health Community Manager. We talked about the company and the goals of the Campus Rep program.

The first thing that got me hooked on wanting to intern was this:  Pandia Health is the ONLY practicing reproductive health physician company in the birth control delivery space founded and led by women.

Whaaaatt?! I was shocked. It took until 2015 for a women-founded, women-led company to exist. I didn’t find out about it until 2018!

Honestly, I felt let down by my teachers, both in school and in outside activities. And by myself for not doing enough research on revolutionary female-led businesses.

In that moment, I decided to become more active in progressing women’s health issues. What better way to do this than to join the Pandia Health Campus Rep program?!

A few weeks later, Angela and I set up an interview. Shortly after, I was offered the position.

An amazing experience

I’ve had so many unique experiences as a Campus Rep.

I went to the Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles to hand out Pandia flyers to people marching.

I collaborated with my university’s student health services to offer Pandia to students. Especially to those who don’t have the university’s insurance.
I tabled at various events including a Reusable Menstruation Products program.

Plus I connected with Campus Reps from other colleges to build a broader Pandia network. As well as a strong system of badass women go-getters!

gif yeah badass

I recommend Pandia Health for your birth control needs, reproductive health education, and all-around feminist community.

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