If you missed 1 pill, take it as soon as you remember it. If you missed 2 days of pills in a row, take 2 today, and 2 tomorrow.

If you missed 3 days of pills, you’ll probably get your period, you’re are at risk of getting pregnant. Consider taking some emergency contraception (Pandia Health can help you get some – we can call in a prescription to your local pharmacy if you are our telemedicine patient) if you had sex during those 3 days. Use a backup birth control method (condoms) for the next month to be absolutely safe.

Re-start your pills after being off for a total of 5 days (so if you missed your pills for 3 days, stay off for another 2 days and then re-start your pills).

Talk to your doctor/provider if you have ANY questions or our pharmacist/telehealth partner doctor if you are our telemedicine patient.