The patch works the same as the pill and ring. The only difference is it delivers the medicine through your skin rather than through your mouth or other part… and you only have to think about it once a week. For more info We don’t recommend it as much because it has a high hormone level compared to pill or ring. but if it’s the only method you like, then it is better than nothing.


Additional Information:

  • Normal pills are 35 mcg of estrogen and the patch is considered like giving 50mg of estrogen
  • The patch, you have to change once a week. The pill you have to remember to take every day.
  • The patch is only 1 week but the longest you should be using the patch is 3 weeks in a row (3 different patches). More than that, then the estrogen level gets dangerous. You’ll need to take a break during the 4th week to avoid estrogen building up to dangerous clot levels.