Pandia Health currently offers birth control prescription and delivery to individuals with and without insurance. Based on your needs, Pandia can help with either or both prescription and delivery.

If you need a prescription, select “I need a prescription” and answer questions about your medical history. The doctor will review your answers and contact you if there are any questions or concerns. A prescription is then written and sent to a pharmacy of your choice or to our pharmacy partner. At your request, the doctor can also prescribe Emergency Contraception.

If you currently have an active prescription, you can choose to have Pandia fill your future medication, up to 12 months at a time (depending on your insurance coverage). Just give us the name of your current pharmacy and we will move the prescription to our partner pharmacy or have your doctor send the prescription directly to Pandia’s partner pharmacy.

Delivery is by USPS, which typically delivers 2-3 days from date of shipment. We schedule your refills to arrive a week before your last packet runs out, so you can have peace of mind and can skip the trip to the pharmacy.