In the state of California, minors have the right to get treatment for the prevention of pregnancy without requiring their parents permission. However, they have to pay for the treatment or they have to sign up for special insurance to cover it or they have to contact the insurance and tell the insurance company that they want “privacy.”

To pay for the treatment, you just need a credit card. (We don’t accept Venmo or other payment yet)

To sign up for special insurance, go to and go to the top R and fill in your zip code, and it will give you list of clinics you can go to to sign up for Family PACT insurance which covers birth control confidentially.

To tell your insurance company that you want your birth control treatment confidential, go to and follow the 3 steps there. 2 weeks after you finish those steps, you should be able to use your parents insurance and the insurance has to keep the birth control info confidential.

We encourage minors to talk to their parents, but if they can’t then we want to help young people prevent unplanned pregnancies. It is also important to prevent sexually transmitted infections by using condoms.