Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

Power In Numbers

It can be intimidating to start a business as a woman since entrepreneurship is dominated by men BUT the good news is that doing so means entering a community of support and empowerment. Women-led businesses have been able to reach success thanks to mentorship and guidance from and collaboration with other female entrepreneurs. At Pandia Health, we’re grateful for our collaborations with other women-led small businesses and innovators!

With October being National Women’s Small Business Month, we are celebrating the brilliance and generosity of these entrepreneurs. One of our collaboration partners is Seknd, a start-up that’s working to make skin care more accessible. We’re also proud to collaborate with Claire and Clara, which sells face masks, chains for sunglasses, and barrettes. If you’d like to support women-led small businesses and get some awesome products, be sure to check out their websites!

Empowering Women through Birth Control

At Pandia Health, our women-led team puts the well-being of women and people with uteri first in everything that we do. We are the only women-founded, women-led, and doctor-led company in birth control delivery, which allows us to combine physician-certified knowledge with our own experiences. By providing birth control delivery for FREE to our patients across the country, we empower women and people with uteri to take control of their own bodies and to #SkipTheTrip to the pharmacy every month.

Pandia Health also leads the way in encouraging #PeriodsOptional, a campaign that raises awareness about the benefits and safety of skipping periods using birth control. People with uteri are busy, and we want them to be able to succeed in everything that they do without being held up by unnecessary bleeds.

Pandia Health also understands that while birth control has historically been associated with women, transgender men and nonbinary folks can also benefit from birth control prescriptions. We’re working hard to make sure that our gender-nonconforming friends feel included by our services, and we’re committed to continuing to learn more about the unique experiences of our diverse community.

Women-led Small Business Giveaway

In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, Pandia Health is holding a giveaway in collaboration with our amazing women-led partners! Once the winner is chosen, each of these gifts will be sent individually from its organization. Each organization will contribute one of their products for the prize:

  • Choice of Satin Face Mask from @ClaireAndClara
  • Self-care skincare kit with Cerave Lotion, CommLeaf Moisture Cream & Rose Sleeping Mask, and First Aid Beauty Ginger & Tumeric Vitamin C Mask from @sekndopinion
  • Free Online Doctors Consult for Birth Control w/ @PandiaHealth* restrictions apply OR  $100 @victoriassecret gift card

If you’d like to win, follow these steps:

  1. Follow @PandiaHealth, @SekndOpinion, and @ClaireandClara on Instagram.
  2. Tag 3 friends in the comment section of our Instagram post.
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