Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

Welcome to Pandia Health! It’s the ONLY practicing reproductive health physician founded and led company in the birth control delivery space — and it’s the ONLY company founded and led by women! We offer free delivery of the birth control pill, ring, and patch as well as emergency contraception and accept almost all major insurances! Check out our blog for resources and information about reproductive health including family planning, sex education, and STI prevention.

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Now let’s check out what some of our customers have to say about Pandia! 

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Cassidy H.
“How easy it is to get a prescription & have my medication mailed to me!”

THANK YOU  CASSIDY for your amazing review!  We’re glad you stayed with Pandia Health for 2 years and enjoyed our birth control delivery services! Once you switch your insurance in the future , we’ll still be here #Loyal #BirthControlDelivered ✌?Check out our homepage for some of the insurances we accept!

Ally T.
“They are available 24/7-I mean this literally-via text. I’ve asked questions about shipping or side effects and ALWAYS have gotten a reply within an hour.”

THANK YOU ALLY for your kind review! We’re so happy you turned to Pandia Health when you needed an expert doctor! If you ever need assistance, know that were are always available for to answer your questions about #BirthControl and our free delivery service! Check out our website to discover the birth control options we can offer to you!

Jaquelyn F. 
“Not only did they hear me out and understand my needs, but they are available by text anytime I have a question, or am ready to refill. There are numerous reasons why women feel they can’t get birth control, so I honestly feel like this company is changing lives.” 

THANK YOU JAQUELYN for your stellar review! Pandia Health is here for you no matter the time of day, whether you have insurance or not, and for any questions or concerns regarding reproductive health! Check out our blog for topics on birth control, periods, family planning, and more!

Alyssa M.
“You are talking with real people who care about you and your needs and that’s exactly what I am looking for in regards to my health.”

THANK YOU ALYSSA for your genuine review! We are SO glad that you experienced Pandia Health’s convenient, confidential, and caring services for birth control, family planning, emergency contraception, and so much more! Check out our website if you want more information on Pandia — or reach out to one of our expert doctors via text or call at anytime of the day for a quick and helpful response! 

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Annie C.
“The team is extremely helpful and easy to get ahold of via text, and it’s been great getting monthly texts about the order/tracking. Orders always arrive right on time and it’s been a time saver not having to make trips to the pharmacy. Thank you PANDIA!”

THANK YOU ANNIE for your amazing review! As the ONLY women-founded, women-led practicing reproductive health physician company in the birth control delivery space, it’s important that we provide the care women deserve starting with free birth control delivery! Check out our website to see what other services we offer so you can continue to #Skipthetrip to the pharmacy and get that #PandiaPeaceofMind! 

Julia H.
“I had an issue with my medication getting lost in the mail and they… [made] sure I had a supply in hand before I had to leave CA for the holidays! Not to mention they’re women founded and led!!”

THANK YOU JULIA for your wonderful review! Pandia Health delivers the birth control pill, patch, and ring to all 50 States and can write prescriptions for those living in CA! SO happy Pandia was able to help you get your birth control to you before the holiday season! 

Jackie M.
“They deliver my products on time and make the process super easy and simple. Also, their packages come with free goodies and candy!” 

THANK YOU JACKIE for your superb review! When Pandia Health, the most trusted provider for birth control delivery, sends you your #BirthControl for FREE, you get fun swag items as well! 

Kristyn A.
“This company is so wonderful! I’ve been using them for a couple years now and they’ve made getting my birth control so easy and affordable.”

THANK YOU KRISTYN for your heartwarming review! We are so grateful you have stuck with us — and were available 24/7 for all your reproductive health questions, comments, and concerns! 

Whether you need a new prescription or want to transfer an existing one, Pandia has got yo back! Free delivery and expert care no matter what.

Mareesa H.
“Working full time and a new baby left me no time… I found Pandia & signed up that day… and had my prescription that next week!”

THANK YOU MAREESA for your awesome review! For busy women, Pandia Health is available 24/7 to give you confidential and convenient service. We want you to focus on the bigger things in life, like raising a child, so you can #Skipthetrip to the pharmacy and get your #BirthControl delivered for FREE

Veronica L.
“Pandia Health has had the best customer care I have ever experienced with a healthcare provider… Thank you Panida Health, for making this aspect of my life so much easier.” 

THANK YOU VERONICA for your fabulous review! SO glad you had a positive experience with our doctors who are always available for help when you need it! Besides the telemedicine consult fee, you can get #FreeDelivery of your #BirthControl with most insurances — check it out on our website!

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