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Summer is here! So whether you live in a sunny oasis like Los Angeles or in the blistering concrete jungle of NYC, you’ll know that wearing breezy fabrics and light colors, especially white, can be your saving grace once the heat waves set in.

That said, getting your period can make you feel wary about taking those linen pants out for a spin. We get it, but fear not. You no longer have to hide behind thick, dark fabrics. Not only is the “No White After Labor Day” rule outdated, but so is the “No White on Your Period” rule — actually, why did we ever think it was a rule?

Below are some tips to help you rock white and ensure your summer is fun, fresh, and accident-free!

Look to Your Inner Fashionista

While trends come and go, a few fashion staples are here to stay. When it comes to donning the perfect pair of white, skin-tight jeans, you want to make sure that you steer clear of leaks and glaring panty lines.

Not a fan of the skinny jean but still want to look en vogue? Try a wrap dress or a sleek blazer instead. We want to stress that while being on your period can make you feel all sorts of ways — from bloated to stressed, to downright primal — you can still look your damn finest, whether in white or otherwise (and if you want to wear sweatpants out, that’s great too).

Consider All Your Options

From organic tampons/pads to magical underwear that just won’t quit, there’s something out there for you and all your period needs.

  • Turn Off Your Period: You heard us, turn it off! #PeriodsOptional Many types of birth control can help minimize or even eliminate your period. If you’re on the pill or ring, you can simply skip over the sugar pills or ring-free week to avoid getting it all together.
  • Pads: Ah, the dear old trusted pad. Women have been wearing versions of it for centuries, and now we have a multitude of versions to choose form — organic, extra-long, thick, thin, scented, and even reusable. While reliable, they can also be bulgy and bunch up if you’re active and not wearing the right fit, so leaking can occur.
  • Tampons: While obviously less bulgy and less likely to, you know, move around than pads, you’ll have to change often to avoid any leaking (every 4-6 hours or less, if you have a heavy flow). With that in mind, make sure to be prepared and always have a few on hand wherever you go. Check out organic tampons by Sustain or Lola.
  • Menstrual cups: Although they’re not new to the market per se, cups are a lesser known alternative to pads and tampons. These silicone cups work by being inserted into the vagina and catching the blood instead of absorbing it. While this may sound intimidating, so is getting your first period, and look at how quickly you got over that. And because they’re reusable, you’ll never have to ask a sister for a tampon ever again! And they are good for the environment, far less landfill!
  • Period Underwear: Check out companies that make period-proof underwear. Period absorbing underwear provides a cute and comfortable alternative to pads and tampons and can absorb up to two tampons’ worth. If you’re not convinced, try ‘em out during one of those stay-at-home-all-day kind of days to see if they’re a good fit. Bonus: they also work as back up, which leads us to:


Before skipping your period you need birth control! Get your birth control delivered or sign up for an online doctor’s consult today!


Get Some Extra Help

While all of the above methods can be quite effective, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get some extra help to ensure complete peace of mind and finally let your hair down. Some things you can do:

  • When wearing a tampon or a cup, consider wearing a pantyliner or a thin, winged pad to intercept any blood that manages to get through your first line of defense.
  • If your flow just won’t let you get away with tampons, you can also try wearing spandex to keep your pad secure. It might not be the most comfortable item in your closet, but hey: Fashion.
  • Think about pad size. Pads are not one-size-fits-all, so if your pads aren’t keeping up with your flow, you just might be wearing the wrong size. Take a look at Always’ sizing chart to determine the best fit for you.

Pandia Health Tip – Over the counter medications!

  • Try ibuprofen 600mg up to three times a day WITH FOOD, (otherwise you risk an ulcer) for up to 5 days in a row. That will cut down the period blood by 30 percent, Dr. Yen, Pandia Health’s founder and CEO, who is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Adolescent Medicine at Stanford Medical School, suggests.

Pamper Yourself

Having a period is like having a built-in excuse to treat yo self once a month, so draw yourself a soothing bath with Epsom salts or a bath fizzy or upgrade your period game with some cool new products, like the Livia, a gadget that helps manage menstrual cramps with electrical pulses that block the pain. Dr. Yen also suggests “eat some red meat” because you’re losing blood and you can use some iron. Yum – go for that burger or steak, and for the vegetarians and vegans, stock up on the leafy greens, nuts, and dark chocolate!

Listen to Your Body

You found the perfect white pant and have your period kit at the ready. Now there’s just one more thing you should know: the most effective means toward achieving all of your summer dreams is to be attuned to what your body is telling you. Our periods can leave us feeling drained and unmotivated, so consider getting in a nap or a quick, moderate-low workout when necessary. Both can go a long way toward giving you that much-needed energy boost. Only you know what’s best for you, so it’s okay to block out external voices and look inside. Believe us, everyone will be the happier for it. Go be your beautiful, confident self!

Before skipping your period you need birth control! Get your birth control delivered or sign up for an online doctor’s consult today!

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Before you learn how to rock white on your period, get FREE delivery of your birth control with Pandia Health! Sign up today & get that #PandiaPeaceOfMind

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