Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

Step away from TikTok for five minutes to find ways to maintain the right headspace and be active at home.

It has not even been three weeks since I returned home from college and started practicing social distancing and self-isolation but I am already desperately craving something new and exciting. COVID-19 poses a significant threat to the public’s health, and more social distancing protocols are being put into place to help combat the spread of the virus. So for the time being, I, along with many others, will have to adapt and find new recipes to cook and movies to watch to still have #FunFromHome.

My mother is a healthcare provider, and although she does not work on the front line in hospital emergency rooms, she has still been extremely aware of everything related to COVID-19; this has resulted in my house becoming somewhat of a newsroom. After feeling mentally exhausted from constantly talking about the virus, I insisted my family enact a rule to not talk about it at the dinner table.

I have also found ways to “escape” the news by being active and making sure I spend time outdoors. Running and biking is a great way to get out of the house and clear your mind (don’t forget your mask!). If you are lucky enough to live in an area with hiking trails, pack your lunch, a portable hammock if you have one, and some water to spend a day surrounded by nature.

Between school work and self-isolation, it is essential to stay clear-headed to allow yourself the time and space to take a step back from everything going on in the world. Transitioning from being away from home, deeply immersed in your social and educational atmosphere, to suddenly having that all go away is a lot to deal with, and it is easy to become a hermit crab and lose motivation to get your work done.

Tips to Stay YOU
Here are some tips to still have #FunFromHome while prioritizing your mental and physical health to stay feeling your best: 


I am guilty of telling myself, “Oh, it will just be five minutes,” at 11 p.m. and then looking at the clock to realize over an hour has passed. When you can roll out of bed to attend a lecture online, it is beyond tempting to stay up way later than you probably should. Ensure you are getting enough sleep to start each day feeling rested. Exercising regularly, meditating, and having a calm sleep environment are all important factors that help with a proper night’s rest. This is much easier said than done, but work on prioritizing your sleep. No more late nights at the library = no excuses.


Spring has sprung, so take advantage of the breezy, sunny weather to step away from your school work for a bit. If you can do so, try taking lunch outside as a nice break in your day. Of course, remember to practice social distancing.


If there is one benefit to returning home unexpectedly, it is that I no longer have to consume sad, soggy dining hall food. With many restaurants being closed and “stay at home” orders put in place, we all probably have more time to cook. Personally, I have been able to try a bunch of different recipes and watch cooking videos from publications such as Bon Appetit for inspiration. The New York Times has a plethora of pantry recipes that are worth checking out, too! If you are self-isolating with others, perhaps make a sit-down meal to share!


Let me preface by saying that change gives me anxiety. I am sure many of us have had to switch up our daily workout routine with gyms and fitness studios being forced to close. Something that has helped to ease my anxiety is giving myself a physical challenge — whenever I break past a mental and physical barrier, I feel strong and empowered.

Recently, I started training for a half-marathon and I am also currently doing a 30-day yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene with my childhood best friend via Zoom. Her grandma and my mom have even joined us on the challenge! Having friends virtually by your side is encouraging and makes being active more enjoyable.

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The above information is for general informational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor/primary care provider before starting or changing treatment.