Seasonique Birth Control Pills

Seasonique Birth Control Pills

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What is Seasonique Birth Control Pills?

Seasonique is a combined oral contraceptive pill (OCP) used to prevent pregnancy. It works by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation), and thickening the cervical mucus, blocking sperm from getting into the uterus and getting to the egg. Seasonique is also prescribed to: treat acne, reduce the risk of ovarian cysts (as in polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS]), treat painful or heavy periods, and more. Read More

How to Use Seasonique

Seasonique is super easy to use.

Simply take one pill every day, at the same time each day. Many women find that taking this medication before bedtime or with your largest meal of the day helps reduce nausea and other side effects. After taking 84 days of active pills, you’ll switch to 7 with 10 mcg of Ethinyl Estradiol.

Seasonique Dosage

Seasonique birth control pills have two main active ingredients: Levonorgestrel 1 mg (progesterone) and Ethinyl Estradiol 30 mcg (estrogen).

Benefits of Seasonique

Seasonique Side Effects

The risks are very low, but some women have experienced side effects when taking Seasonique.

Minor ones include breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, and slightly elevated blood pressure or blood sugar levels. Positive side effects are also a possibility, too — reduced acne, lighter bleeds, and fewer mood swings are fairly common.

The chances of serious side effects are extremely unlikely, but some cases have been documented, such as blood clots in the head (a severe new headache, causing double vision, or stroke), blood clots in the chest causing severe shortness of breath, blood clots in the abdomen (causing abdominal pain), blood clots in the leg causing leg swelling and pain.

These may sound scary, but remember — they’re very rare.

Frequently Asked Questions


Some women worry about weight gain when taking Seasonique and other birth control pills. While it might give you the munchies, it’s mostly water retention (and not actual fat) that’s to blame.


Theoretically, it’s effective immediately (if you start on your period) vs. other times, you need to use backup for 7 days. To be absolutely safe we recommend backup or abstain for the first month. For more information, click here.


Pretty much every medication comes with a tiny risk of allergies, including Seasonique. The symptoms are usually mild and include rashes, itching, dizziness. If you experience trouble breathing or swollen lips, throat, or tongue, call 911.

Depending on your medical history, hormone-based birth control may not be for you. It’s important to discuss your medical history with your physician or one of our helpful Pandia Health Patient Care Advisors before you get started on Seasonique, especially if you’ve had health problems such as cancer, heart disease, blood clots, uncontrolled diabetes, or high blood pressure.


If you choose to pay out-of-pocket, Seasonique is an affordable option being $52 for a pack of 84 active pills. You can also save money by choosing one of several other Seasonique generics, such as Daysee, Ashlyna, Amethia, Camrese, or Simpesse.


Seasonique uses a combination of two hormones, estrogen, and progestin, to make your body think it’s pregnant so a real pregnancy won’t happen.

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