Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

So apparently it’s National Awkward Moment Day — I don’t know about you but this kind of seems like everyday for me. And for most people with uteruses, when they hit about age 12 (could be a bit younger or older BTW!) there is an especially awkward moment that involves a certain relative… No, I’m not talking about any drama with actual family members — although that can definitely be uncomfortable. I’m talking about Aunt Flo a.k.a. your period!

What Happens On Your Period?

How do you know you got your first period? Well, there’s usually a few spots of red blood or a brown sticky stain in your underwear; also, you may experience cramps, mood swings, and weird cravings for food. Keeping track of your period, figuring out what menstrual products work best for you, and facing judgement from your peers can all contribute to period stigma, making situations super awkward for you.

Some awkward moments you may encounter on your period:

  • Getting your period unexpectedly and having to ask someone for a pad or tampon
  • Feeling more emotional than normal about literally everything
  • Bleeding through your clothes or onto your sheets in the middle of the night 

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Here are some simple tricks for making sure these awkward moments only happen periodically — or never at all!:

Find the Humor in Menstruation

Don’t feel alone in your awkward period moments! Check out the images below for a funny twist on the menstrual cycle 😉 Oh, and if you want to #Skipthetrip to the pharmacy — and to the drugstore for those pads and tampons — and stop the monthly bleeding, sign up for Pandia today, the most trusted provider of birth control delivery!

Thanks @sarahscribble but totally agree! Women have to “play it cool” while on our  periods so we don’t look “weak” or “incompetent”, even though on the inside it feels like someone is stabbing us multiple times ? How can we perform well in school or work while feeling so crappy? #PeriodsOptional

Thank you @bonjourjoliebox for showing us that periods come in so many different shapes and sizes! Sometimes, they arrive unexpectedly and other times, they overstay their welcome by wayyy too long. Luckily, you can cut down on time, money, and energy by turning off your period!

Better to be safe than sorry, right? @periodmemez is spot on — getting your period can be both annoying and relieving at the same time. Birth control can give you that same feeling of comfort without the added pain of dealing with your period!

When people tell you you’re overthinking it and then you wake up and there’s a bloody stain on the bed sheets. Thanks for illustrating the truth @theladybusinesscompany! When you’re on the birth control pill and ring, you don’t have to worry about bleeding at all, though! 

This is everything @sharethedignityaustralia. Eat whatever you want during your period, everything is out of whack and you deserve to treat yoself! #PeriodsOptional

This photo is everything — thank you @menstrupedia. If you’d rather not deal with those period cramps, birth control can help! Turn off your cycle and throw out that ibuprofen! #PeriodsOptional

Sooo relatable @h.e.r_yoni. One minute you’ve got clean underwear, the next you’re making up a second bed for your Aunt Flo who has decided to stay just a pad — sorry, tad — bit longer! #PeriodsOptional

I like this idea @tdminstaa. All of the processes of ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy are incredible — people with uterus have powerful bodies! But it would be nice sometimes to say hello and goodbye to your period in the time span of five minutes, don’t ya think? #PeriodsOptional

Love this gal pal support! Credit to @memes_endometriosis for showing how asking for pads doesn’t have to be awkward — in fact, it can be rewarding! Now go ROCK that white outfit, girl! #PeriodsOptional

 Thanks @ditchtherag, this is the one bright side to getting your period — somehow, every physical and mental issue you were struggling with a few days before can be attributed to your time of the month. Getting your period is awkward just like your first kiss usually is — experiencing both at the same time is kinda a nightmare. But, when you’re on birth control you don’t have to deal with Aunt Flo butting in on your romance time! #PeriodsOptional

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