Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

Yes, you are able to still get it on during quarantine! Sure, making sourdough bread and embroidering are fun, but have you tried sex? They can’t replace your libido, girl.

Unless you are solely seeing a single partner and that is the only person you have contact with, it may not be the best idea to swipe right on that hot person on Tinder. It may be tempting to give in to your sexual desires, but pursuing them with another individual at this time given the global pandemic is risky and could pose problems to your health. That said, you are your own best friend at this time. ?

Treat Yo’ Self (to Pleasure and Love) 

Self-pleasure is self-love. So if vibrators or other sex toys are your thing, treat yourself to something special to take care of those needs. Unfortunately, female masturbation is often negatively stigmatized but part of being sex-positive means advocating for female self-pleasure. 

Female sexuality should be embraced and celebrated, not shamed! The founders of femtasy, Michael & Nina Julie, focus on providing unique content for women to fulfill their sexual desires. Femtasy offers the largest selection of erotic and sensual audio stories.
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While honoring your sexual desires is a part of being sex positive, practicing positive self-talk is essential. That said, it can be particularly tricky to do so when all you feel like doing is wearing sweatpants 24/7 and baking cookies every night (of course, this is also okay to do).

Honor where you are at, and remind yourself of your accomplishments in life. No matter your body size, shape, or race, you are still deserving of love – especially from yourself.

Domestic Violence and Consent

Advocating for yourself and knowing your boundaries is a primary key to being sex positive as well. 

As a result of quarantine, domestic violence cases have risen because movement has been restricted, which means more time is being spent inside with abusers. For many people, asking for help and getting out of that situation is dangerous and sometimes impossible. 

Domestic violence is also a public health crisis.
If you or anyone you know needs help, please refer to the references below.

One of the tenants of sex positivity is acting as an educator. We all need to educate ourselves about the dangers of domestic violence, its realities during quarantine, and ways to help others stay informed about the heightened struggles many are facing as a result of it. 

Consent is also a considerable risk factor associated with increased time spent inside with partners. CONSENT IS CRITICAL – ALWAYS! Even though you may be around each other all the time, it does not give your partner a right to assume that you are DTF 24/7. It is essential for both you and your partner to establish boundaries – remember, it is not consent if your partner makes you afraid to say no. 

Please refer to these resources for more information on consent:

Have Fun Safely

In short, being sex positive during quarantine is possible! Prioritizing your sexual desires and practicing self-love is essential to embracing your sexuality. Confidence is sexy, so let’s all try our best to practice that! Do not forget that education is also crucial. Make sure that you and others are informed about the risks of domestic violence, the importance of consent, and the usefulness of resources.


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