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“Power Is Beautiful”

Power. It means so much. I felt mine as I found my independence, bought my own home and made it my own.

As the women in my life are finding their voices, it feels like they are embracing their own power. Their inner warrior, fierceness, and acceptance of who they are, who they love or don’t love.

The one faithful companion that I have had through all of my changes was found in my bottom drawer next to my bed. And when I plugged it in, …… Power.

The powerhouse of vibrators, The Hitachi Magic Wand.

The magic IS in power. It’s been around for the past 30 years for a reason.

It plugs in, so you need to be near an outlet. With two settings, high…. and very high, you are in for a quick ride.

It has a large head, so move it around and see what feels best for you.

You can build up slowly by starting further away from your clit and slowly move in semi-circles closer and closer.

You can go full blast with a lot of pressure.


two settings

it has a cord, so you don’t need to recharge it

it is intense

it lasts a long time


it is loud

it has a cord, so you need to be near an outlet

it is intense (but you can always get a speed control dial)

Use this alone, with a dildo, or with a partner.

If you are using the Hitachi with a dildo, it sends vibrations through your whole vagina hitting your g-spot in wonderful ways. If you add in a vibrating dildo… Oh, my!

The cost is around $50-$60 but the per-use cost goes down quickly. This is definitely a go-to orgasm provider. And it cleans easily with soap and water, just don’t fully immerse it.

They now have a cordless, rechargeable wand available. It runs for three hours on one charge. It also has a safety feature that turns it off after 20 minutes of continuous use. The cost of the cordless version is twice the price at around $120. I haven’t tried the cordless version since my trusty plugin is still working great.

pros – quieter

4 levels

cons – pricier

Take control of your own pleasure, your own orgasms and enjoy the power.

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