Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

As the ONLY women-founded, women-led, and doctor-led company in the birth control delivery space, Pandia Health is a game-changer for anyone with a uterus. Our CEO and Founder, Dr. Sophia Yen, sat down with PREM PM CEO, Marilyn Cowley, to talk about running a successful business in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

Pandia’s Story

From a young age, Dr. Yen knew she wanted to become a physician and help other women. Fast forward 30 years: not only did she earn her doctoral degree but Dr. Yen took it upon herself to help people with uteri by creating a service that delivers birth control for FREE. So, how does she juggle being a physician, a CEO, and a mother?

Well, she loves what she does. She’s passionate and empowered – the most powerful combination!

Dr. Yen started by asking why women don’t take their birth control. Between pharmacy delays, insurance obstacles, and a busy life, most women simply don’t have the time to get their medication. Plus, among those interested in taking birth control, 60% did not have a prescription to receive medication.

Here’s where Pandia Health comes in to make women’s lives easier. Dr. Yen built the company on an end-to-end birth control delivery system. By skipping the trip to the pharmacy, Dr. Yen allows patients to “set it and forget it.”
Simply fill out our quick questionnaire, send in your health insurance card or credit card info (plus a photo and government ID if you’re transferring an existing prescription), and let us take care of the rest.

Dr. Yen is committed to getting people the help that they need; “if it comes to what’s best for the business and what’s best for the patient, I will always do what’s best for the patient even if it’s not the most profitable for us.” Notably, most CEOs and founders don’t take oaths to act in the best interest of their customers; but as a certified physician, Dr. Yen did take the Hippocratic Oath – and it’s one that is consistently at the forefront of her mind as she runs Pandia Health. 

Over the years, Pandia Health has developed into a new type of asynchronous telemedicine. There’s no need for the hassle of in-person appointments – our doctors can write your prescription (if you live in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, MI, NV, TX, WA, or WY) and have our pharmacy send it to your doorstep from the comfort of their own homes. Have an existing prescription? We can take care of transferring that over as well.

As Pandia continues to expand across the country, Dr. Yen has managed to balance running a successful business while always prioritizing what’s best for her patients. That’s the best part of a #WomenLed and #DoctorLed environment – YOU always come first!

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Pandia Health was started because of  Dr. Yen’s own interest and passion, but that’s not what pushed the company to the forefront of women’s birth control delivery. Her business skills and marketing talent fueled the success of Pandia; in her interview, Dr. Yen shared some key pieces of advice about what helped her, and what might help future business owners as well. 


When it comes to money, Dr. Yen’s number one question to ask is whether you really need it. As she said, “funding gives away control.” She strives to keep her patients’ best interests in mind so Dr. Yen tries to work minimally with outside sources and stay in control of her company. 

If funding is a necessity, Dr. Yen recommends some great resources to get started. Springboard Enterprises and Women’s Startup Lab are accelerators in the Silicon Valley that not only provide seed funding but also help educate entrepreneurs about how to best run their business through seminars, speaker series, and interactive discussions. 

Dr. Yen’s last piece of advice on the funding front is to reach out to those closest to you. “Family and friends are a great place to start and pitch your idea,” she says. 


Growing a business from one customer to hundreds is a scary task. Dr. Yen had some great tips on how she built Pandia Health’s patient base in the most efficient way she could. 

To start off, Pandia conducted several A/B testing to survey women and build their products off of real women’s needs. This was followed by paid advertisements on Facebook and Google to get a user’s attention and to test what ads were the most effective. As Pandia grew, so did its team; PR, podcasts, and collaborations are great ways for businesses to gain exposure while promoting other like-minded companies.

Today, Pandia Health runs on about 70% organic and 30% paid advertisements; this goes to show that just because your company is growing, doesn’t mean you have to spend more money on marketing! Finally, Dr. Yen and Cowley both agreed that there’s “no cookie cutter formula.” Keep testing different ideas, and choose the one that works best for you!

Finally, Dr. Yen highlighted the importance of keeping your family in the loop. She talks about the number of days where she spent more time with her “work family” than her real family; it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. Dr. Yen has always had a strong passion for helping women, and she’s been able to do so successfully with Pandia Health while prioritizing excellent patient care and the well-being of everyone around her. 

Be Apart of the Pandia Community

Pandia Health offers a seamless process to get started. It is straight-forward, and our doctors are there for you every step of the way. Our community wants women to feel empowered by taking control of their bodies.

We host events on our Facebook and Instagram throughout the week, and our blog is a great tool to learn about other women’s health issues. Whether it be recipes to relieve Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or resources for Black Lives Matter, we are here for you.

The above information is for general informational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor/primary care provider before starting or changing treatment.