Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

Who’s ready for spring break? Bring out your swim suits, shorts, and cute clothes because 2020 is your year! This means getting your birth control delivered (wherever you are in the US) and also skipping your period so it doesn’t get in the way of your spring break adventures. 

If you’re ready to get your birth control delivered for Spring Break or are ready to have automatic refills of your birth control all year round, sign up today! 

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Let’s get into how to have a fun stress-free vacation when it comes to your birth control and periods! 

  1. Visiting AZ, CA, CO, GA, FL, IL, NV, NY, MI, PA, TN, TX, or WY and need a birth control prescription? If you’re celebrating your spring break in these 3 states, you can sign up for an online doctors consult! Pandia Health can write online birth control prescriptions for the hormonal pill, patch, and ring if you are physically in these states! Because we can ship to ALL 50 states, you can fill out your online questionnaire in AZ, CA, CO, GA, FL, IL, NV, NY, MI, PA, TN, TX, or WY and get your birth control delivered to your dorm or house! 
  2. Just need your birth control delivered? Do you need your next birth control refill delivered before you head off for spring break? Pandia Health can deliver it to you at least 10 days before you leave OR if necessary we can ship to your local pharmacy within 1-2 days and handle the delivery of your remaining birth control refills! All our birth control mailers are filled with something sweet & a health PSA so you always get more than what you pay for 😉
  3. Do you have my specific birth control? YES! We carry ALL generic and name brand birth control pills, patch, and ring! Just note that generic has the same active ingredients as their name brand equivalent, but generics are way more affordable! If you’re trying to save money for more spring break fun, we suggest going for your birth control’s generic form! Watch our youtube video discussing the difference between generic and name brand birth control!
  4. Does your period fall on the week of your spring break? If your period is expected to ruin your spring break you can use birth control to skip your period! YES, it is completely safe and healthy for you! If you’re using hormonal birth control pills, SKIP the placebo/sugar pill week and go onto your next set of active pills. Learn more about skipping your period at #PeriodsOptional 
  5. What if I experience breakthrough bleeding while trying to skip my period? No worries, breakthrough bleeding aka spotting the first couple  times trying to skip your period is completely normal! Your body expects to bleed that week & so there will be some blood! Next time, for other life events, try skipping your period a couple of months before those special events (I.e. weddings, proms, & more)! Learn more about breakthrough bleeding & #PeriodsOptional in our YouTube video with our CEO/Co-Founder Dr. Sophia Yen

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