Hormonal birth control is actually great for women. You can choose to have NO periods and it helps decrease acne. IUDs with hormones also can cause lighter or no periods. IUDs with copper have more blood and more pain but some women like them because they consider them “natural” because there are no hormones.

So, your intuition to go with the IUD is correct. It is the most effective method. The IUD with hormone (Liletta or Mirena) are actually MORE effective than tubal ligation! and they are easily reversible. They last for 5 years.

Prep for IUD:

  • Make sure you pre-medicate for pain with 800 mg ibuprofen 30–60 minutes before the procedure with food (to protect your stomach from the high dose).
  • Ask for a cervical block (blocks the pain)
  • Consider having it put in on the last days of your period when your cervical os (the opening to your cervix) will already be open.
  • Some women have had a warm pack to their abdomen during the procedure (to relax) and some music or video to distract themselves