As everyone preps for the holidays, you’re probably wondering what to get your friends and family. Well, for your fellow gal pals, encourage them to sign up for Pandia Health so they can get their birth control delivered for FREE!

When it arrives, hide it and present it to them on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – whatever they celebrate – as a fun and useful gift! The tricky part is going to be stealing it for a little while and hiding it – but, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered here with the seven best places to hide a Pandia swag package.

Important note: Birth control should be taken as soon as the individual receiving it is ready. Please do not take the birth control package from your friend/family member/S.O. without first checking that they have backup methods, extra supplies, and time to “hunt” for clues before taking their contraceptive method of choice.

1. In a stocking

This is the most obvious spot, but we had to include it! After all, what’s more festive than FREE birth control?! The birth control pill or patch will fit perfectly inside — you can even place a pack of emergency contraception in there! Be sure to give the extra goodies from the package, like educational flyers and candy, to the person afterwards as a bonus 😉

2. In the medicine cabinet

Placing birth control near other healthcare items makes it more inconspicuous. When your friend reaches for her daily lavender face moisturizer, she’ll find a pleasant surprise on the top shelf! 

3. In the underwear drawer

Oh, the irony. As your friend picks out a cute pair of panties to wear on New Year’s Eve, slyly place the package of birth control, some condoms, and chocolates inside—not only is this subtle, but it’ll encourage your friend to have a safe and fun night! 

4. In a ring box

Pretend you are presenting an expensive piece of jewelry to your friend or partner. When they open it, they’ll find a NuvaRing inside! A NuvaRing is a small, flexible ring that is worn inside your vagina and contains estrogen and progestrin which block ovulation – and yes, it is small enough to fit inside a ring box! This may not be the gift they were expecting, but it is a useful and important present, nonetheless! 

5. In a coffee drawer

Coffee beans and birth control do not necessarily go together, but it’s a part of many people’s daily routines. Put a Pandia Health gift box wherever your friend or partner stores their coffee! If they drink tea, put it in their tea drawer! When they get their daily caffeine fix, they will surely be surprised by this creative hiding place. 

6. With a bathing suit

Long gone are the days when you should feel discouraged about going to the pool or beach because of your period. With a Pandia gift box, your friend or partner can make their #PeriodsOptional.

By skipping the last week of your birth control pill pack (a.k.a. the sugar pills) you can say goodbye to stained clothing and cramps! Other methods like the IUD and the implant may also cause you to lose (or lighten) your period.

No one should ever feel period-shame regardless of whether they choose to make their #PeriodsOptional or not, but this is one unique, unexpected way to give the gift of Pandia!

7. In a movie snack kit

What better way to satisfy your period cravings and have a feel-good movie night?! Place a Pandia gift box in a basket for your friend or significant other filled with popcorn and other yummy snacks and watch some holiday-themed movies. Check out “Happiest Season,” a new queer holiday rom-com staring icon Kristen Stewart.

Happy Holidays from Pandia Health!

Pandia Health is proud to offer accessible and affordable reproductive care for those with uteri! You can get your birth control delivered for FREE if you have insurance, and for as low as $15 a pack without insurance. Receiving your birth control package is a gift on it’s own because it comes with extra goodies like Hi-Chew candies and educational PSA flyers. ?

Remember to stay safe this holiday season, wear a mask, and take your birth control! Tag @PandiaHealth and use the hashtags #PandiaPresents and #TheGiftofBirthControl on social media so we can see your friends’ reactions to getting a swag package and free birth control! Happy Holidays!