As a minor (if you are under 18 years old) in Massachusetts, you can get confidential birth control. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has Family Planning Programs which can help to get birth control for free or a low cost. Check out more information here about what these programs offer and where to find the closest clinic to you. There are also other clinics that can help you to get confidential birth control in your state, check out more info, your rights and locations here.

~~~~FAMILY PACT IS ONLY FOR CA RESIDENTS. I would delete this paragraph~~~>If you don’t have insurance, you might qualify for FamilyPACT – which provides birth control for free! You just need to go into a clinic and sign up. We take FamilyPACT insurance and then can bill that insurance and send you your medications. Check out FamilyPACT here. Enter your zip code in the top R and they will show you the clinics nearest you to sign up for Family PACT. I hope that’s helpful. Please feel to ask more questions if needed.**