Medically reviewed by Sophia Yen, MD, MPH – Written by Pandia Health Editorial Team

In Georgia, we had a Twitter meetup with Georgia State Minority Whip Dar’shun Kendrick, author of Testicular Bill of Rights, a proposition requiring men to get spousal permission before Viagra.

On May 15th, Pandia Health and Representative Dar’shun Kendrick collaborated in a Twitter chat discussing birth control and your control over your body. If you missed it, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Here’s a recap of the conversation?

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Heck yea to open conversation!  Anyone could keep up with the conversation with the hashtag #BeInControl.

If you’re new to the world of birth control, something to know about it is that you can use it turn off your periods. It is safe and prevents endometrial and ovarian cancer.


Think of emergency contraception as a fire extinguisher? It’s a good idea to have it IN CASE you need it, and not get it only WHEN you need it. Pandia Health writes prescriptions for Ella, which beats Plan B and its generics.

Everyone’s body is different, so there is not one medication that everyone’s body will work best with. The good news it that there are over 40 different BC pills, so there are many more options to find what works for you.

That’s right, everyone! Brand name generics and generics have the same active ingredients and same doses, so don’t waste your money and time looking only for those brand names.


Watch Dr. Yen’s video to learn more about why life is smoother on a monophasic birth control rather than on a triphasic birth control. We don’t need extra hormone cycles?‍♀️

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Say this out louder for people in the back ? Many people don’t realize the other benefits of turning off your period other than the obvious benefit of simply not bleeding. Learn more here.

Life Hack: Birth control can help women with fibroids, especially is it runs in your family.

And that’s a wrap for Pandia Health and Dar’shun Kendrick’s first legislative Twitter chat! Look up the hashtag #BeInControl to view the full conversation and click here learn more about how to skip your period.

Since the Alabama law was passed, our team at Pandia Health has been upset, angry, and active about these attacks on women’s reproductive rights! We have set up referral codes  NNAF for the National Network of Abortion Funds  (which includes the YellowHammer Fund which funds 3 clinics in AL)ReproRights for the Center for Reproductive RightsNARAL – the political arm of the reproductive rights movementFMF2019 – Feminist Majority Foundation which helps get out the vote and grow the next generation of feministsIgnite – which educates women in high school and college to get politically activePPFA – Planned Parenthood Federation of AmericaPRH – Physicians for Reproductive HealthTrustWomen – the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women If you enter the code when you sign up, we will donate for EVERY person that signs up to those organizations. For those in California, the code will also get you $5 off your online doctor consultation, if needed.

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