Pandia Health recently had the honor of hosting a collaboration event between Dr. Sophia Yen, CEO and co-founder of Pandia Health, and Maureen Pollack, co-founder of Lovability Inc., a company that seeks to inspire women to commit to pursuing their sexual desires.

In case you missed it or simply want more information about the topics covered which included female sexual arousal, the best products for safe and comfortable sex, and entrepreneurship in the sexual health field, you’ve come to the right place! You can also check out the full interview on Facebook and YouTube.

Oh, and keep reading until the end for details about our giveaway! 

What is Lovability?

Lovability is a company that exists to engage and empower women to take charge of their sexual health. Its founders built the brand based on the belief that good sex begins with knowing your value and potential. They promote this mantra via sex-positive, women-focused products and platforms. 

Why sexual health?

The interview began with a question about both Pollack and Dr. Yen’s backgrounds in their fields of work: “How did you become interested in your work on sexual health?” 

Pollack kicked it off by explaining that while her sexual curiosity was initially sparked as a young child, she ultimately became passionate about the topic when taking a Psychology of Sexuality course in college. She quickly became a go-to resource for her friends whenever they had questions related to sex, masturbation, and women-focused products. At 30 years old, she invented the WaterSlyde, an aquatic stimulator for women. 

Dr. Yen explained that she wanted to learn more about reproductive health when it became relevant in her own life. As a teenager, she realized that pregnancy was not something she desired until later in life, but she still wanted to have the option of being sexually active. 

She was inspired to learn more about birth control and after receiving her Master’s in Public Health at UC Berkeley and her MD at UCSF, she decided to focus her career on female reproductive health. This eventually led to the creation of Pandia Health, the ONLY women-founded, women-led, doctor-led birth control delivery service in the United States. 

What are the signs of female sexual arousal?

Before diving into how to make sex more comfortable, it is necessary to recognize and understand the signs of sexual arousal, or the feeling of being turned on sexually. While it may seem obvious, it can be more complicated than you think.

Pollack compared it to hunger: just as you salivate when you are hungry, you may experience a tingly feeling and lubrication in your vagina when you are aroused, which is caused by the swelling of your vulva. She noted that it typically takes about 20 minutes to reach a peak level of arousal and that you may not be fully aroused until you begin sexual activity whether that is alone or with a partner.  

Now, we can’t talk about sexual arousal without mentioning the clitoris, which is also known as a woman’s pleasure center. Despite this organ appearing as a tiny nub, it contains four legs and hundreds of nerve endings that result in the feeling of sexual arousal when stimulated by thoughts, emotions, and/or touch. In fact, your pupils may dilate when you experience arousal!

What are some good products to use for sexual activity?

For lubrication

Lubricant tends to have a negative connotation, in that women may feel as though something is wrong with them if they need to use this product during sex. However, lubrication can be beneficial for both partners, as it decreases friction by creating a smooth surface for a penis or vibrator to enter. Pollack likened it to lip balm: when you apply it to dry lips, the latter feel better.

Both Pollack and Dr. Yen pointed out that any water-based lubricant that can be found at the drugstore will work just fine; oil-based ones work too, but some individuals may be allergic to them. However, if you are feeling extra fancy, you can explore the options that exist online such as Lovability Inc.’s Hallelubyah, which is formulated with 100% purified natural New Zealand Kiwi vine extract to create a slippery, non-sticky, and natural texture!

It is also important to note that while some individuals have trouble getting lubricated naturally – the vagina releases some fluid in response to sexual arousal – generally speaking, if you are not aroused, you should not have sex! It is perfectly normal and acceptable to not be in the mood, and you should not feel pressured to use lubricant just because your partner wants to have sex. 

For protection

Just like lubricant, condoms can be purchased at the drugstore and through various online outlets. While these are not the only types of barriers that can be used to prevent pregnancy and protect against STIs, they are typically the easiest to find and use. Dr. Yen mentioned that regardless of whether or not an individual is in a committed relationship, using condoms provides a sense of security for both partners. 

Condom usage should not be shamed upon, but if you feel uneasy about having a box lying around your room or you just want to spice up your decor, you can check out Lovability’s condom tin. These condoms are designed with 100% natural vegan latex and smooth silicone oil lubricant, making them an excellent option for individuals with sensitive skin. They come in packaging that is easy to open, which decreases the likelihood of damage; and to top it off, the tin holder makes them appear discrete and appealing to use!

For orgasms

Some women may be confident that they have experienced an orgasm before, while others may be confused and have multiple questions about the sensation. In short, an orgasm is defined as a feeling of intense pleasure that occurs during sexual activity. Pollack noted that even if a woman has experienced an orgasm, she may not know what she likes.

She recommended a product by Lioness, another female-founded, female-led company that specializes in female sexual pleasure, called a “smart vibrator.” It corresponds to an app, which tracks the contractions that occur in women’s bodies when they are engaging in sexual activity. Not only does the app provide information on the types of stimulation that lead to orgasms, but it also includes tips on how to improve frequency and ease of orgasms. 

What is the Waterslyde?

The WaterSlyde, a sex toy alternative, developed by Pollack, is a faucet attachment that harnesses the power of water for personal pleasure. While its ultimate purpose is to provide stimulation to your clitoris, it can also be used for general hygiene (using warm water to clean your vulva is very safe and effective). 

How does the Waterslyde work? 

Tie the WaterSlyde to the faucet in your bathtub so that it can redirect the water to flow over your vulva. From there, you can simply lie back and let the water do the rest. If you want to reach an orgasm, you can increase the water pressure to create a greater feeling of stimulation. 

What makes the Waterslyde unique? 

The Waterslyde is super inclusive, particularly for women who are differently-abled or have been through sexual trauma. Being that it attaches to the faucet, it does not require any manual effort on your end (although you can accompany the water flow with additional touch).

Additionally, it does not require any batteries or intense cleaning, as it does not actually touch your vagina. According to Pollack, it is a wonderful product for women who want to explore their bodies without having to put anything inside. 

Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

In short, yes! 

After discussing the WaterSlyde, Pollack and Dr. Yen shared their stories about becoming entrepreneurs in the field of sexual health. This is a very relevant topic as many individuals have used their downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to start their own businesses. While this may sound daunting, it is more doable than you think. 

So, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, grab a pen and take some notes! 

As a stay-at-home mother with a strong passion for helping women, Pollack had an idea to invent a product to improve the sex lives of those with vaginas. After speaking with her gynecologist about designing a non-invasive, sex toy alternative, she realized that many women could benefit from such a device. 

The next steps included speaking with a patent attorney to make sure her idea was unique as well as creating a model with a three-dimensional printer. Although she was hesitant to invest money, she knew that if she did not go for it, she would always have regrets. Once the WaterSlyde started becoming popular, Pollack continued to build her brand by hiring a team that helped her develop additional women-focused products which can now be found through Lovability Inc. 

She explained that it is easy to feel burnt out in the initial stages of becoming an entrepreneur, but if you choose something you truly care about, the time and energy will be worth it in the end. 

Dr. Yen’s journey began after she completed her MD, specifically during a talk about birth control with a group of physicians. During the conversation, she learned that many women do not take birth control or are inconsistent with it because they do not have easy access to it on a regular basis. 

For instance, they may not be able to get to the pharmacy or their insurance will stop covering their prescription without warning. With the help of a fellow physician, she brainstormed ways to help combat this public health issue. 

This ultimately led her to found Pandia Health, an online service for women to receive or transfer a current prescription and have it delivered right to their mailbox free of charge. Her goal was and still is to prevent “pill anxiety,” or the stress of not knowing if your birth control will be delivered on time. 

While every individual has different limitations, being an entrepreneur does not have to be a complicated process – it simply stems from a novel idea that you are excited about and investing your passion into that idea!

What are the takeaways?

  • Sexual arousal is a combination of physical feelings (i.e. tingling in your vagina) and a desire to engage in sexual activity 
  • Lubricant is not something to be ashamed of – if it makes sex more comfortable for you, that is what matters most! (Be sure to check out Lovability’s Hallelubyah
  • The WaterSlyde is a great tool for both cleaning your vulva and exploring your body 
  • If you have a unique idea for a product or business, put more thought into it (you may be pleasantly surprised by the result!) 

Lovability x Pandia Health Giveaway 

In honor of promoting female sexual health, Pandia Health is partnering with Lovability Inc. for a fun giveaway. 

What we need from you: 

The prizes: 

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