It’s April Fools! Don’t let these common birth control myths fool you!

“Birth control makes you crazy”

This is not the case! On the contrary, hormonal birth control smoothes out those fluctuating hormones that may lead to mood shifts. If you notice that you feel different after starting birth control, consult your doctor. There are 8 different types of progesterone and 3 different levels of estrogen – it may take a few tries to find the one that works best for you!

“Birth control makes you gain weight”

Research has shown that if there are 50 women on the pill and 50 women not on the pill, those on the pill weigh 1 pound less. This is likely because the pill may lead to decreased bloating (aka water weight). However, if you experience increased hunger and/or weight gain, changing your progesterone may help.

“Birth control causes cancer!”

Hormonal birth control pills have been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. However, this is generally outweighed by the decreased risk of ovarian, endometrial, and colorectal cancer. In fact, your risk of ovarian cancer is decreased by 50% if you are on birth control for 5 years.

“Birth control gives you acne!”

Birth control does not give you acne. The opposite is true. You may notice fewer breakouts while taking hormonal birth control. That said, some birth control types may be more effective at clearing your skin than others. If your acne worsens, you may need to try a lower dose and/or different type of birth control.
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Lover's month


National Lovers Day

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