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Annual Doctor Review ($20)

Our expert doctor reviews your chart and prescribes the birth control that best meets your needs.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Unlimited access to birth control expert doctors to ask questions about your prescription.

Patient Care Assistant Access

Support by text, chat, email, and phone whenever you need. We're here to take care of you.

Automatic Refills & Free Shipping

We automatically refill your prescription and ship it to you whoever you may go in the US. Never worry about running out of your birth control again.

Periodic Check-Ins

For those new to birth control or changing medications, we proactively check-in with you to ensure your birth control is working well.

we got you covered

We accept almost all insurances*, including but not limited to:

*Sorry! We do NOT take Kaiser, Cal Optima, LA Care, Humana, Sunshine Health, nor StayWell at this time.

Customers Love Us!

Love your service - no cost to me and no having to run to the doctor's office! Who wouldn't love to not have to go to the doctor!


- Sharon G.

5-star rating

When I didn't know where to go and had no insurance, Pandia Health helped me get the birth control I needed. Thank you, Dr. Yen and your team for all of your help and support!


- Oliviya M.

5-star rating

I didn’t think I’d get on birth control again but Pandia made it so easy. Now I’ve got my birth control set! Yay Pandia!


- Kristina T.

5-star rating

Pandia is helping millions of women take control of their reproductive health, and I couldn't be more excited to be an early adopter.


- Stephanie Lin, former Miss Asian America

5-star rating

I'd never usually gamble on an online doctor like this, but it's honestly been one of the best choices I've made health wise in decades... It arrives, right on time, WITH CHOCOLATE. I hope every woman alive finds your practice, it’s life changing!


- Ally T.

5-star rating

I literally spent 20 minutes just this afternoon picking up my birth control prescription from Walgreens. As soon as I got home, I signed up for Pandia and am glad I won't have to do that again next month!


- Eve P.

5-star rating

This is so easy and convenient. I'm surprised how affordable it was even without insurance. It's really awesome and so well streamlined for someone like me or my friend who's healthy but in between jobs.


- Karen H.

5-star rating

delivering all birth control brands

Whether you're on the pill, patch, or ring, we've got you covered. We offer almost ALL generic and name brand birth control including: