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How to Have a #PeriodFree Summer!

Before you start enjoying your #periodfreesummer, you need to skip your period SAFELY using the birth control pill, patch, or ring. Skipping your period using hormonal birth control methods (the pill, patch, or ring) is simple. If you are using the birth control pill, you can skip your last row of sugar pills and start taking your next set of active pills! If you are on the ring, on the fourth week, remove your ring and quickly insert your next active ring.

If you want to learn more on how to skip your period safely,  check out our #periodsoptional page

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10 Activities for a Period-Free Summer!

Summer is right around the corner!


Whether your summer plans include lounging around on a beach chair soakin’ up some rays or lounging around on the couch eating cheese puffs straight outta the bag, I got you covered with the 10 BEST activities you can do for a totally rockin’, PERIOD-FREE summer!



You know those super cute white shorts that hibernate in your drawer for one week every single month? You always have the perfect event to wear them to, but everytime you want to wear them, Aunt Flo comes knocking on your door! Well, fear not! There’s a safe, effective, and affordable way to turn off your period so you can wear those white shorts without worrying about any stains. No period, no problem!


2. Take a ride on your beach cruiser


Raise your hand if you hate biking with a pad or tampon in 🙋🙋🙋 Yeah, that’s what I thought. By turning off your menstrual cycle, you can enjoy your bike cycle without having to worry about constantly re-adjusting your seat with every turn of the wheel. Now, go enjoy that nice bike ride down Sunset Boulevard period-free!


3. Have fun in the sun and sand!


Summer = beach all day, everyday. Sand in your toes, sun on your face, and … blood in your swimsuit bottoms?! No, thank you! Put on that cute bikini and jump into the ocean without the hassle of using a tampon or experiencing FOMO!

4. Accelerate without a break!


What I Like:  driving along the breezy coast, through majestic mountains, and between towering trees.
What I Don’t Like: waiting 4 hours to find a rest stop only to discover I got my period and now have to contort into the fetal position in the back of the car for the rest of the road trip. No bueno, amirite?
To avoid that happening to you, learn how to turn off your period so the only hassle you have is capturing the perfect shot at golden hour when you finally make it to Joshua Tree 😌


5. Buckle up – it’s roller coaster time!


Put on your Mickey ears, treat yo self to that dole whip, and hop onto Space Mountain because you’re going to Disneyland! You know what sucks, though? Having to plan your Disney day around your menstrual cycle! Don’t let this happen to you – stop your period so you can have a magical time at the happiest place on earth! (P.S. What’s your favorite ride? I love Peter Pan’s Flight and the Matterhorn!)


6. Ride that pony!


I don’t mean in the sexual way – but you do you, girl! Seriously, though, if you’re into horseback riding, it’s a lot easier to get up on that saddle when you don’t have blood leaking through your trousers. Horseback riding on the beach is doubly fun so take your mane stallion (get it?) out on the sand or the dirt for a summer gallop!


7. Become one with nature


Crank out that sleeping bag, roast some marshmallows, and sing that weird campfire song from Spongebob (I know you know what I’m talking about)! Camping can be super fun (minus the bugs and potential coyotes) but you know what makes it ten times better? No cramping! Yep, camping no cramping is the new motto for summer — and it’s super easy to do! Head on over here to find out how to turn off your period!


  1. 8. Take a hike!

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    Okay, I didn’t mean for you to actually storm off angrily. What I meant was go on a summer hike either by yourself or with your gal pals — be sure to bring sunscreen, water, and snacks!! All of this can fit in a small bag but when you’ve also got to worry about stuffing in pads or tampons or diva cups or whatever it is you use for your period … it can get real heavy real fast! Stop your period and use that space for better things like sunglasses, a camera, or your birth control

  3. 9. Bring a picnic to the park at sunset

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    Picture a sprawling meadow overlooking the mountains. The sun is setting and you’re enjoying a luxurious dinner of chips and guacamole from Chipotle (hey, we all have our ideas of fancy, okay). All of a sudden, you notice a red spot on the back of your new dress; at first you think it’s wine but then you realize that Aunt Flo barged in on your date and now you have to rush home to get a change of clothes or sit there in misery until you can leave. Sounds unpleasant, huh? Well, if you turn off your period, you don’t have to worry about a mishap like this happening again and you can enjoy your chips and guac in peace!

  5. 10. Paint a masterpiece with a squirt gun

    1. This activity reminds of the scene in the Princess Diaries when Mia and her mom hit balloons filled with paint at the wall and call it balloon art. Tbh, that mother-daughter relationship is goals. You know what else is goals? Making an artistic mess on a canvas with a squirt gun rather than experiencing a less than pretty mess in your underwear caused by your period. Focus on becoming the next Picasso instead of worrying about when your period is going to surprise you with a visit!


And, there you have it — 10 summer activities you can do without worrying about getting your period! What summer fun are you looking forward to?