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Explaining Periods To Men: A Complete Guide On How To Make Even Cavemen Understand

Menstruation. Period. Tampons. Sanitary pads. Vagina bleeding – just a list of words that when mentioned are guaranteed to make men shift uncomfortably in their seats.   Despite the increasing societal pressure to eliminate the stigma associated with the concept of menstruation, many men are still uncomfortable discussing the subject in homes and relationships. Here […]

Birth Control in Pop Culture: From Incredibly Accurate to Totally Wrong

Periods and related experiences such as birth control are essential occurrences in any society being experienced by half of the world’s population. Birth control can serve a variety of purposes such as preventing pregnancy, dealing with certain conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or even just helping you skip a period. Still, in a survey […]

The Benefit of Skipping Periods as an Athlete

Get Started  The bleachers are full of people ready to support their favorite team. You have been preparing for this competition for over a year now and you can confidently say you are ready. Your stomach has been feeling queasy but you have chalked it up to competition anxiety.   Stretching and warming up, you […]