Safe. Effective. Easy.

No more cramps, migraines, mood swings, sanitary emergencies. No more periods.


Is it safe?

Yes! Watch this video for more info.

How does it work?

Just skip the sugar pills or ring- free week and you can literally skip your periods. The first time you try, usually you can get to 3 months with no periods and then you get some spotting. When you get spotting, come off the pills for 5 days (you’ll get a withdrawal bleed during that time) then go back on your pill or ring (a new one) one the 6th day whether or not you are still bleeding. You’ll get further each time i.e. the 1st time, you get to 3 months with no period, and then the 2nd time – 6 months with no period, then 1 yr, then Voilà, no more periods! Read this blog post for more details.

What are the benefits?

Whether it’s medical, financial, or lifestyle – skipping your period can be beneficial. No more frustrating stains, overpriced hygiene products, rescheduling vacations. Are you going to do better on your SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, pitch, performance, etc. on your period or off?

  • Decreased risk of endometrial cancer
  • Decreased risk of ovarian cancer
  • Less anemia
  • No more painful periods

Medical conditions that could benefit from fewer/No periods:

  • Acne
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Diabetes (less cycling of hormones = stable hormones = better glucose control)
  • Seizure disorder (less cycling of hormones = stable hormones = calmer state)
  • Anemias
  • Bleeding disorders
  • HIV, Hepatitis B, C (to avoid excess blood and infection risk to others)


  • Less $$ spent on feminine hygiene products
  • Fewer missed work/school days due to menstrual pain


1) Is there only 1 pill that I can use to skip periods? No, you can use any combined (estrogen and progesterone) birth control pill to skip periods. It’s easier with monophasic (watch this video to learn about monophasic vs. triphasic). If the pack has 4 weeks of medications, just skip the last week of pills (which are the sugar “placebo” pills) and go right into the next pack. Always, take active pills. If the pack has 3 weeks of pills, take all the pills and go right into the next pack.

2) Can I skip my periods using the patch? No, because the estrogen builds up and poses a clotting risk (risk of blood clot in lungs, brain, etc).

Where can I learn more?

Women’s Health , Bedsider , Healthline, and Her Campus articles have more info. Or contact us.

Take a listen to this podcast discussing the benefits of safely skipping periods with Melinda Wittstock & Pandia Health’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sophia Yen, MD.

For more information, you can also watch Dr. Yen’s TEDx Talk.


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