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Let’s Talk About Sexual Health

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What is Sexual Health?

Sexual health covers a plethora of topics that are so important to all genders today. From avoiding disease to planning or unplanned pregnancy to mental wellness in regards to sexual activity…So many important items fall under the umbrella term. So when the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) launched World Sexual Health Day on September 4th, eight years ago, many were interested to fully understand what “sexual health” was and how they could be sexually healthy.

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) defined someone sexually healthy as someone who:

• Understands that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more

than sexual behavior.

• Recognizes and respects the sexual rights we all share.

• Has access to sexual health information, education, and care.

• Makes an effort to prevent unintended pregnancies and STDs and seeks care and treatment when needed.

• Is able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy when desired.

• Is able to communicate about sexual health with others including sexual partners and healthcare providers.

Now, like all health-related items, you should not think less of yourself (or others!) if you are not able to mark off every section of that list. In general, others may view that list as too little or too much when acknowledging the sexual health of an individual. Everyone has different ideas and standards but in general, safety & happiness (for all involved) are key markers for a sexually healthy life!

So, let’s celebrate Sexual Health Awareness Month throughout September by going out and striving to be the healthiest and happiest individuals that we can be, making sure to include our sexual health as a main focus!

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