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Because of the Pill

To celebrate #ThxBirthControl Day, we wanted to share this poem on how the birth control has given independence, freedom and so much more to women around the world. via GIPHY By Anjali Parikh   Because of the pill, women can control their periods and their pain Because of the pill, women can choose when to […]

Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Generic Birth Control Over Brand Name

As with any medication, when it comes to birth control pills, most women have the same important questions in deciding which one to buy. Generic versus “Brand Name” birth control? Which is more cost effective? If I choose the generic birth control, will there be side effects? Despite all these questions, there are still so […]

The True Cost of Your Period

It is not easy being a woman… Ever heard that before? Well, here’s more… Being a woman is certainly not cheap and getting your period is expensive. via GIPHY While most women would gladly skip their periods with the right birth control prescription, many women are too skeptical of the negative side-effects to try it […]

The Summer I Tried To Get A Prescription for Birth Control

Sitting in my car in silence, I stared out in front of me. 40 minutes later, and I was finally at the closest open Planned Parenthood. I had friends say that this was where they got their prescription for birth control without their parents finding out. It was supposed to be easy. And yet, I […]

Did you know that you can skip your periods???

Here’s how: If you are on the birth control pill or birth control ring, just skip the sugar pills or ring-free week and you won’t have your period. You can also skip your periods on the IUD with hormone, implant, and shot, but they are not as reliable. 70% of women will stop having periods […]

Five Products That Do More Harm Than Good to Your Vagina

When it comes to women’s nether regions and how to properly care for them, confusion and misinformation often leads the conversation. One of the biggest misconceptions has to do with terminology. There is the vulva and there is the vagina — but which is which? While the latter is often used as a blanket term […]

Don’t Let Your Period Get in the Way of Summer Vacation

Get Started! Summer is nearing its end, but with the most popular traveling months just around the corner, you might be prepping to go on one last vacation or weekend getaway before the chilly weather sets in. If your period just so happens to land on your vacation time, read below for tips on how […]

How To Rock White On Your Period: A Summer Survival Guide

Get Started! Summer is here! So whether you live in a sunny oasis like Los Angeles or in the blistering concrete jungle of NYC, you’ll know that wearing breezy fabrics and light colors, especially white, can be your saving grace once the heat waves set in. That said, getting your period can make you feel […]

Five Reasons to Consider Birth Control That Aren’t for Pregnancy Prevention

You probably know that birth control is primarily used to prevent pregnancy, but you might be surprised to learn that it can also provide other benefits that are seldom advertised by the media (and even some gynecologists). Perhaps this is because we live in a heteronormative, patriarchal culture that often sidelines that which does not […]

Unwrapping Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (EC) is usually an afterthought but at Pandia Health, we want you to treat EC like a fire extinguisher. You want it when your emergency happens, sitting in the corner of your house. You don’t want to have to run to the pharmacy, worry if they have EC in stock, if it’s covered by […]