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June 2019 - Pandia Health
Legislative Twitter Live

In Georgia, we had a Twitter meetup with Georgia State Minority Whip Dar’shun Kendrick, author of Testicular Bill of Rights, a proposition requiring men to get spousal permission before Viagra. On May 15th, Pandia Health and Representative Dar’shun Kendrick collaborated in a twitter chat discussing birth control and your control over your body. If you […]

What’s in a Pandia Health Box?

Welcome to the first official UNBOXING post for Pandia Health! This empowering company delivers up to a year’s worth of birth control supply to your front doorstep for free! Pretty dope, right? But wait, there’s more! You didn’t think Pandia would only send you birth control, did you?! Well, lucky for you, there are some […]

CNN Business Feat. Delivering Birth Control with or without Insurance

Share Pandia Health’s Birth Control Delivery Services & Help Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies. Just yesterday Pandia Health was featured in CNN’s business section. To read more about Dr. Sophia’s journey towards building Pandia Health check out our feature in  CNN’s article. Pandia Health is the ONLY women founded/led and physician founded/led company in the birth control […]

How to Have a #PeriodFree Summer!

Get Started   10 Activities for a Period-Free Summer!