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Ready to start your new semester?

Fall 2016 is about to start. Is your body ready? For some of you, this is your first semester in college or your first year of grad school. For others of you, it’s another semester and another year. For the rest of us, it’s just another day at work. Whichever category you fall into, here’s […]

Did you know that you can skip your periods???

Here’s how: Just skip the sugar pills or ring- free week and you can literally skip your periods. For Ring users, just change your ring every 4 wks or every month. There’s actually 35 days worth of medicine in the ring and there are only 31 days max to every month. So you’re covered! The […]

Birth Control Pill, Patch, or Ring – which one should I use?

So you want to know which birth control is right for you. Thanks to medical advancements, you now have multiple choices for birth control. You might or might not be sexually active, you might want to use birth control to help you with your acne, or if you’re like me, you started birth control to regulate […]